The Two Sisters

A hundred years ago, a house was built in an honest fashion; no excess or cluttered décor, never side stepping quality or forcing an issue; a house was built to be a home: functional, long lasting and. more than anything, sincere in its design. Rebuilding the Two Sisters meant rehabilitating these timeless values within the tradition of heritage craftsmanship.

Design, Heritage Restoration

The interiors were reconstructed with a heritage-style design, while incorporating an open-concept floor plan required by the contemporary homeowner.

Earnest in character, these homes remain sophisticated and in touch with the modern era. With seismic upgrades, a high-efficiency heating system, new plumbing and electrical systems, the two sisters have been tastefully elevated to contemporary standards.

Both sisters were carefully deconstructed to the exterior shell: the fir-flooring, window frames and reclaimable studs inspired a sustainable building plan. In the end, the beauty that was salvaged lifted the two sisters into the present day, to thrive as they were always meant to.

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