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480 Esquimalt

Mixed-Use Purpose-Built Rental

A Proposed 'Community Hub' Located in the Heart of Victoria West

480 / 492 Esquimalt Road is envisioned as 85 purpose-built rental apartments situated atop a series of high quality, commercial spaces, which have been earmarked for local businesses.

The favourable location of the proposed development is in close proximity to a variety of restaurants, parks and schools—as well as established transit routes—providing future residents with easy access to essential everyday amenities.

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Design Updates

Following our initial community engagement in April 2021, we have a new and improved building design to share, inspired by your invaluable feedback. These changes include:

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New Building Form & Massing

Providing higher density but less overall shadowing
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Improved Public Realm

With courtyard, kids play area and café at ground floor
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Lighter Exterior Colour Palette

To better reflect the characteristics of the neighbourhood
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Expanded Site

Now including both 480 and 492 Esquimalt Road

Project at a Glance

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Why Rental?

Housing is a human right and with homeownership increasingly out of step with local incomes, purpose-built rental housing is the strongest form of tenure and represents a possible—and sometimes beneficial—alternative to homeownership.

The 1960s and 1970s introduced the first series of apartment buildings built under the Federal multi-unit residential building (MURB) program that incentivized many of the rental apartments built throughout the Capital Region. As this program was phased out, only 604 purpose-built rental homes were built between 1980 and 2011, however, the city’s population grew by 20,018 residents. Herein lies the problem; population growth outnumbered rental housing construction by more than 20 to 1 creating a significant shortage of supply.

Common benefits to leasing include:

  • Minimal maintenance or repair costs
  • Increased access to amenities
  • No property taxes
  • More flexibility where you live
  • Predictable monthly payments
  • No requirement for a downpayment
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Project Highlights

480 Esquimalt is a purpose-built rental, meaning it's been designed specifically with leasing in mind.

Purpose-built designs not only provide better living environments for its residents, but also for the broader community as well.

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Thoughtful Design

• Creative architecture and unit layouts to enhance the residents’ quality of life and maximize the longevity of the development
• Broken massing will generate less shadowing, allowing for more sunny south views

Community-Oriented Spaces

• Ground-floor commercial spaces, like a local café, bring community out into the public realm

• Play zone or compact green space at the corner of Russell and Esquimalt welcomes families to get outdoors

Attainable Rental Rates

In partnership with BC Housing's Housing Hub, we plan to offer a selection of units as income secured rentals homes.

Shared Common Areas

• A programmed common rooftop deck with views to the Legislature, Inner Harbour and the Olympic Mountains and outdoor social spaces with BBQ and/or firepit

• Fully landscaped rooftop area on the second level

Separation of Commercial & Residential Spaces

• Separate entry, parking and garbage collection for both commercial and residential units

• Fobbed entrances for increased security and privacy of the future residents

Efficient Transportation Demand Management

• Appropriate Transportation Demand Measures to cater to the parking demand in the area


Located on the established Esquimalt Road corridor, our proposed development is only two blocks away from one of Victoria’s most historic gastropubs, numerous local businesses and recreation opportunities.

Benefiting from the existing infrastructure, our project is situated within walking distance to four bus stops that provide access to most, if not all, of the major regional employment centres within a 25-minute ride.

Our development approach at 480 Esquimalt was guided by the underlying principles identified in the Vic West Neighbourhood Plan.

1. Supporting jobs and businesses by encouraging light industrial and adding new upper floor commercial and office spaces.

2. Creating more places to live near transit and amenities by enlivening Esquimalt Road with residential units above employment.

3. Adding housing that fits by creation of more housing diversity while maintaining the character of the older areas.

What's Next?

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Stay Informed

We're committed to being good neighbours and having an open, honest dialogue in the communities where we do our work.

As our proposal moves through various phases of the development process, we aim to keep community members informed in order to build trust and establish a shared vision for the project. If you would like to be included on project updates for our proposed development at 480 Esquimalt, please fill out this form.

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