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902 Foul Bay

Creative Urban Infill Townhomes

Proposed 18-unit Development along Foul Bay Road and Redfern

In collaboration with D'Ambrosio Architecture + Urbanism, we're is proposing two blocks of townhomes, nested along Foul Bay Road and Redfern in the Gonzales neighbourhood.

Previously occupied by a 1911 heritage house originally designed for Victoria lawyer David S. Tait, the project site is located at the junction of Quamichan, Redfern and Foul Bay.

Project Benefits

Our belief is that every neighbourhood should have diverse housing types and tenures for all incomes and demographics.

This proposed project enables a high-quality, densified, compact and walkable lifestyle which is critical to solving our climate and housing crisis, all while creating more livable and healthier communities.

An architecturally significant building, providing thoughtfully designed homes for living.

An amenity-rich location in a family-friendly neighbourhood with room to grow.

A range of home types from 1–3 bedroom, meeting the needs of diverse lifestyles.

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Design Inspiration

Our inspiration for the architectural expression of the project came from the neighbourhood, which has many lovely craftsman era homes.

A strong theme of the design is front gabled roof forms, fine textured cladding, either wood lapped siding or shingles.

The housing stock of the area ranges from heritage to bungalows and estate homes.

While there is currently little multifamily housing in the area, the Official Community Plan envisions single family homes, duplexes and townhouses in order to form a neighbourhood with diverse housing and tenures.

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Project at a Glance

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3 Storeys
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Site Area

21,958 sqft
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Floor Area

15,810 sqft
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0.72 FSR (1.0 FSR Allowed)
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Number of Homes

18 Homes
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1 Bedroom Homes

2 Homes (10%)
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3 Bedroom Homes

16 Homes (90%)
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Average Unit Size

1,100 sqft
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Amenity Open Space

10,760 sqft (50% of Site Area)
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Car Parking Stalls

16 Stalls
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Resident Stalls

16 Stall (Pre-wired for Electric Charging)
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Street Parking Stalls

841 Stalls (Within a 5 Min Walk)
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Bike Parking Stalls

36 Stalls
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Long-Term Bike Parking Stalls

24 Stalls
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Short-Term Bike Parking Stalls

12 Stalls
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Cargo Bike Parking Stalls

2 Stalls
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Bike Repair Station

1 Station
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Car Share

18 Modo Memberships
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The proposed homes are arranged in two clusters at the Southwest and Northeast corners of the site.

The cluster along Foul Bay Road are stepped in plan to follow the curve of the road.

The northwest corner of the site is open to minimize building shadowing on the neighbours to the North.

Landscape Design

We envision a semi-wild landscape of native perennials, grasses and shrubs to create an exciting visual contrast with the clean lines of the architecture and enhancing biodiversity within the urban ecosystem.

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Foul Bay Road Elevation

A group of four homes are settled into a densely landscaped frontage with the natural topography sloping up to Foul Bay Road, meaning the average grade for this grouping is about 5’ below the level of the roadway.

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Redfern Street Elevation

Sheltered front porches about 3’ above the ground connect to the sidewalk between screening trees. In addition, the first floor is raised to porch height in order to bring daylight into the basement spaces that have windows looking onto landscaped lightwells. The roof heights step down to the North, transitioning to be more in keeping with the houses on Hawes Road.

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902 Foul Bay is an example of housing to suit a high-quality, densified and compact lifestyle. The infill design means we can offer diverse homes for diverse lifestyles and incomes.

If you would like to see this project advance through approvals, please consider emailing Mayor & Council with our template at the link below.

Email Mayor & Council

What's Next?

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Aryze Philosophy

As an integrated team of home builders, developers and urban planners, we’re deeply committed to increasing the quality of housing—and the quality of communities—in Victoria, BC.

Approaching every project with intention and care, we aim to contribute to the built environment in a way that enhances your sense of space and your sense of place. It’s in this commitment that we strive to create a lasting impression on the cities, neighbourhoods and homes in which we build.

Learn More About Our Approach

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If you would like to be included on project updates for our proposed development at 902 Foul Bay, please fill out this form.

If you have a specific question about the project, someone from our Development team will be in touch.

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