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931 McClure

A Subtle Sensitive Infill Development

Adding Homes to a Neighbourhood that has Room to Grow

The proposed project at 931 McClure is a 7 unit infill development that reflects the Fairfield neighbourhood while demonstrating Victoria’s potential for smart growth.

The details and materials draw inspiration from the buildings of the immediate area, fitting into the neighbourhood with an eye to the future.

Project Benefits

More Than Meets The Eye

Several unseen features make 931 McClure stand out from its neighbouring buildings.

Policy framework meets Official Community Plan and Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan.

Aligns with the City of Victoria’s Climate Action Plan, serving as a physical example of climate action that we can implement today.

Showcases thoughtful design with central exterior courtyard, allowing clear direct sunlight to neighbouring properties; a design that is supported by City of Victoria planning staff.

Provides private, exterior entrances for each unit and access to sunlight and fresh air from at least two directions.

Consists 100% of 3 bedroom homes

Design Inspiration

This project draws from the details and materiality of the historic buildings in the immediate area to create a modern building that fits in.

The height and proportions of the proposal emphasize this relationship. By designing every aspect of the proposal with the context in mind, the building will feel established and fresh. The design goal was to create a building that is subtle and sophisticated, without shouting its presence.

The units face an open courtyard, to enable north-south orientations that avoid significantly sized side windows that might look down into the neighbouring building’s side-yards. The adjacent neighbour’s privacy is further maintained and enhanced.

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What's Next?

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Aryze Philosophy

As an integrated team of home builders, developers and urban planners, we’re deeply committed to increasing the quality of housing—and the quality of communities—in Victoria, BC.

Approaching every project with intention and care, we aim to contribute to the built environment in a way that enhances your sense of space and your sense of place. It’s in this commitment that we strive to create a lasting impression on the cities, neighbourhoods and homes in which we build.

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