We believe that every neighbourhood should have diverse housing types for all incomes and demographics. A densified, compact, walkable lifestyle is critical to solving our climate and housing crisis—while creating more livable and healthier communities.

Funding city-building projects—like playgrounds and parks—that help create healthy communities.

Providing housing options that reflect everyone’s needs, whether they call Victoria home today or wish to someday soon.

Advocating for housing choice to empower our city in retaining and attracting exceptional talent.

Amplifying the next generation of advocates and encouraging them to share their voice.

Focusing exclusively on infill development, so the edges of our communities aren’t bleeding into the wild spaces of Vancouver Island.

Promoting thriving communities and enriched natural environments with a thoughtful approach.


For us, advocacy in development means innovation. This includes fostering a strong vision for what a city can be—and acting on it.

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From greenspace and transit corridors, to the public realm and private homes, we’re advocating for a city with a healthy sense of space and place. A thoughtful, compact approach to the built environment will promote thriving and resilient communities—and enriched natural environments—for current and future generations.

The Good City Project

The Good City Project is a community fund created by collaboration between Big Wheel Community Foundation, Synergy Enterprises and Aryze Developments. Together with the citizens of Greater Victoria, we support city-building projects that help create healthy, resilient and inclusive communities.

We have already donated more than $500,000 worth of city-building initiatives since 2019, with another $250,000 by 2024. Focusing on rapid action and collaboration, the fund looks to empower citizens who want to support those in need. 100% of all funds raised are directed to support community initiatives, as all operating and admin costs are covered by the founding organizations.


City-Building Projects


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