931 McClure - Aryze

931 McClure

A 16 unit apartment building in Fairfield. The building’s form acts as a step down in massing between the large condominium apartment building to the east and the medium-sized four-unit condominium building to the west.

Rezoning Application in Progress
D'Arcy Jones Architecture
Landscape Design:
Biophilla Design Collective

North Street Elevation

Design Inspiration

This project draws from the details and materiality of the historic buildings in the immediate area, to create a modern building that fits in. The height and proportions of the proposal emphasize this relationship. By designing every aspect of the proposal with the context in mind, the building will feel established and fresh. The design goal was to create a building that is subtle and sophisticated, without shouting its presence.

Maintaining Privacy

The units face an open courtyard, to enable north-south orientations that avoid significantly sized side windows that might look down into the neighbouring building’s side-yards. The adjacent neighbour’s privacy is further maintained and enhanced.

Artboard 3