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A modern take on historic luxury

In 1908, John and Emma Oldfield, settlers from Norfolk, England built a home that showcased good, modern and affluent British taste. Situated on 350 acres, it was a lavish mansion lifestyle. Seven bedrooms with three and half bathrooms, the couple and their grown children occupied the home for many years.


Later, the house underwent two substantial renovations by renowned BC architect Samuel MaClure in 1911 and 1914. These changes shifted the home into the Arts and Crafts, a style popular in the United Kingdom and the United States. This formal period, our clients set out to revive, is reflected in the impeccable architectural detailing and grand proportions.


The 7,000-square-foot home, with magnificent views over the valley and forest, now sits on closer to seven acres of land. The current owners were keen on a more functional family home, so the updated configuration has four bedrooms with seven bathrooms. The great room, sun room and kitchen were returned to their original Tudor style.


The home is complemented by a 40-foot outdoor pool, expansive rose garden, century-old trees, stone bridge, 700-foot brick driveway and seven garages. There’s a 12-foot-tall replica of the house on the property — now a perfect playhouse for the grandkids.

Samuel MaClure
Landscape Desgin:
Samuel MaClure, and Biophilla
Heritage Restoration :

There’s a lot of history in buildings like this, and each one tells a story — bringing these homes back to life, preserves the heritage of Victoria.

Sunrooms were popular additions to houses of the Arts and Crafts period, with two walls made entirely of windows, this bright area captures stunning views of the gardens, bridge and surrounding forests and fields.

The home wasn’t always so cohesive. With an estimated five owners and multiple renters over the last 109 years, the house fell victim to some unusual renovations, despite its classic architecture.

Our scope of work involved revitalizing the stone-clad basement, significant floorpan revisions while rejuvenating the earlier Tudor and Art & Crafts features, and a thorough interior and exterior restoration. The home today feels like it’s ready for another century.

Words from the owner:

This is the kind of home you could never be finished with. At some point, though, you sit down by the wood-burning fire with a glass of wine and just marvel, no matter where it’s at. That’s part of the magic of a home like this.

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