COVID-19 Safety Plan - Aryze

Aryze COVID-19 Safety Plan


Aryze is proposing the following plan to open its offices while complying with the directives and public health orders by the Provincial government and WorkSafeBC.


Provincial Health Orders: Aryze shall continue to follow all Provincial Health Orders and they will supersede these plans.


Office Staffing: staffing shall be done under the Provincial guidelines. Priority will be tagged to management-level employees and be based on the immediate need of the company.


Cleanliness: Aryze Staff must be very diligent in cleaning all publicly used areas. These areas include bathrooms, printers, meeting rooms, vehicles, door handles, etc. Sanitation stations—including hand sanitizer, disinfecting spray/wipes, and a trash bin to dispose of those items—must be made available for use at all times. Washing of hands must remain a priority. Each one of us must clean before and after use of all equipment to protect all of us.


Cleaning Staff: The cleaning staff will remain on their current schedule of cleaning the offices. Please do your part to step up and clean your area daily.


Social Distancing: We must maintain social distancing of 2 meters in all our activities. The suggested office guideline is 49 sf/person.


Branch (kitchen use): Branch Coffee continues to be closed until further notice. Employees may access hot water, however, it is expected that every employee clean up after themselves immediately and that no dirty dishes be left in the sink.


Meeting Room: The meeting room (ie, HR room) will remain open; social distancing measures must be adhered to.


Bathrooms (Branch & Main Office): Please put down the toilet seat and clean the countertops, sinks, taps, etc after each use.


Illness/Self Isolation: Employees that are not feeling well should stay home and notify the Director of Operations. Employees are not permitted at any Aryze work site or facility while required to be in self isolation.


Aryze employees experiencing symptoms should take the COVID-19 self-assessment and follow the instructions of Provincial Health Services. If self-isolation or testing is directed, employees are to contact the Director of Operations to advise of the instructions given by Provincial Health Services. Aryze employees who develop any of the above symptoms during their workday/shift are to stop work as soon as it is safe to do so and immediately notify management.


Once a sick individual has left the workplace, clean and disinfect all surfaces and areas with which they may have come into contact. The employer should immediately consider and record the names of all close contacts the sick worker has been in contact with that day and in the 48 hours prior to when the symptoms started in the case. This information may be necessary if the sick worker later tests positive for COVID-19.


Aryze requires all contractors to notify their Aryze contact of all self-isolation and symptomatic contractor employee circumstances.


Employees: All Employees must wash or disinfect their hands immediately upon entering the office. Employees must mitigate risks when commuting to and from work (eg, carpooling, public transit, etc); this may include the use of PPE. Employees must continue to mitigate risks of transmission in homes, shared living accommodations, and when engaging in other activities outside of work through increased hygiene and social distancing.


Employee Services: These can be extremely trying times for all of us. At Aryze we have resources to help through Canada Life.


Visitors: Please refer to the visitor policy, outlined below. All visitors should be logged in the Aryze Visitor Log to ensure we have a comprehensive list of who to follow-up with should an issue arise.

Aryze Visitor Policy

Visitors may include customers, service technicians, stakeholder, clients, business partners, friends, and family.


Our focus is on helping to keep our employees healthy.


Until further notice, we will allow visitor access on a case-by-case basis. We will conduct all meetings, including interviews remotely or outdoors rather than in-person. Over time, this may be relaxed.


The Aryze Home Store will be operating on a “By Appointment Only” basis. Visitors, including realtors, may enter through the Aryze Home Store; however, they should not go beyond this area (ie, up to and including the HR/break out room). Realtors should spray down all surfaces, including table tops and door handles, in between appointments and at the end of the day.


All visitors must adhere to our company’s COVID-19 Safety Plan and sign in with the appropriate staff member to help us track all visitors. As much as possible, visitors should be allowed only minimal access to parts of the office to avoid contamination of people and spaces.

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