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Hey Neighbour

A Crowdfunded Transitional Housing Solution to Keep the Vulnerable Safe, Warm and Comfortable

We are a group of concerned citizens who believe that housing is a human right.

This pandemic has been a challenging time for all of us. But for some, particularly the unhoused – and the soon to be – it has magnified existing stresses. A housing affordability crisis and a mental health epidemic have been exacerbated by this pandemic and as a result, shelters have closed, leaving many without a home, requiring them to live in tent communities in parks throughout Victoria. 


As we approach a difficult few months of inclement weather, we are crowdfunding $500,000 to build 30 transitional housing units using repurposed shipping containers, all in the name of a pilot project called Hey Neighbour.

For $500,000, other solutions might only house two to three people. With the Hey Neighbour project, $500,000 will house 30 people in a transitional housing community using shipping containers. Each unit is 160 sq. ft. and is designed to include a bed, desk, hot plate, fridge, shared shower and washroom facilities and the potential for a shared outdoor kitchen facility. 


This community will provide access to comfortable and safe housing, incorporate public art, and provide opportunities for residents to learn new skills and engage in social enterprises, like bicycle repair shops and community gardens, where they can share their talents and gifts, and participate in the community.

We are convinced that Victoria is a compassionate community. We believe the citizens in the city we love will come together to raise money to provide housing to 30 people.

The holiday season is upon us, and we encourage you to donate what you can to make a difference in our community. $500,000 isn’t a lot when you consider how many people can be housed, and kept out of the cold and rain, and, most importantly, have what they need to live with dignity.


The housing affordability crisis is something we all are a part of; it’s on us to develop compassionate solutions for societal challenge. We hope you will join us in ensuring vulnerable Victorians are taken care of this winter. Together we can make a difference.

Note: A smaller project will be considered if we do not meet our $500,000 goal. 

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