Merridale Brewery and Distillery at Dockside Green

4 storeys with a total floor area of approximately 1122 m² (12,077 sq.ft). The proposed project includes a tasting room, restaurant, roof top patio, office and production facility. Design and materiality designed by HCMA and MJM Architecture, reflect the marine industrial character of the neighbourhood and are in keeping with the Dockside Green Harbour Road design guidelines.

Active rezoning
HCMA / MJM Architecture
Merridale Cidery & Distillery / Purdey Group
Design Collaboration:
Merridale Cidery & Distillery
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Grain to Glass

Merridale has been making cider for over 30 years (long before cider was trendy). Local business owners from Cobble Hill are excited to begin this next chapter and grow their business with a facility in Vic West for beer and spirits. Production will be open concept so guests can see, hear, smell, and taste the whole process. Raw materials transformed into drinkable delights. Proposed Brewery and Distillery is a collaboration between Merridale Cidery & Distillery, Purdey Group, and ARYZE.

Boat, bridge, bike, or car

Although not encouraged, on site parking will be available for those last minute growler fill-ups. Why not hop on a harbour ferry, walk over either bridge, or ride a bike!


Exterior materiality and form

Our Vic West

The building's form and materiality have been designed to enhance the Vic West neighbourhood. Situated across the street from the industrial ship-building waterfront of Harbour Rd. and surrounded by the residential units of Dockside Green. Noise and light pollution have been thoughtfully considered and mitigated. Smell associated with the brewing process minimized with the use of a condenser that captures vapours from the brew kettle and converts them to liquid. Heat from the stills captured and what isn't reused in the brewing process will be transferred to the Dockside Green Energy System.

Under the hood

The building and the production are designed to LEED Gold and the design meets LEED Platinum design criteria. The group-floor tasting bar and restaurant are open to production. The restaurant extends up to the rooftop for a patio experience. Environmentally mindful practices are at play with the reuse of water and energy, to achieve as little waste as possible.

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