Parallel - Aryze

Parallel: A beachside townhome for designed and built by Aryze

Matt Jardine and Ryan Goodman, Aryze’s founders had an idea – they liked working together and have been friends their whole lives, so why not design and build a big townhome by the beach and be neighbours!  And that was pretty much the plan, use this project as a way to showcase design and construction elements that were unique to Victoria at the time and build a new home for our families.

Matty Jardine and Ryan Goodman, Aryze
Interior Design :
Matty Jardine and Ryan Goodman, Aryze

Luxurious, natural materials include white oak floors and built-ins as well as extensive use of full size marble slabs whose texture mimic the tones of the surrounding flora and marine environment.

Effort was made to incorporate a bright and airy open floor plan and leverage materials and interior features that exemplify coastal living.

Through the living room, french doors open to a patio overlooking a bright, south-facing back yard. A little known fact: this garage was Aryze's head office in 2014!

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