Pearl Block is 6 unconventional 3-bedroom townhomes located at 2910 Shelbourne Street. In collaboration with D’Arcy Jones Architects, we have been working on this project for 1.5 years and are excited to now bring it to market.
The reason why Pearl Block—along with all of our Aryze projects—is compelling to us, is that on a personal level we are foremost: architecture lovers, residents of Victoria’s neighbourhoods, community members, and young-family homebuyers. We are experiencing the same housing challenges firsthand along with you and your family. However, as entrepreneurs within the real estate industry, the development team at Aryze saw an opportunity to demystify the real estate development process, do things a little differently, and contribute to the solution for addressing the exodus of people, including our close friends and family, from the city core due to a lack of housing options. Pearl Block is the first of many homes we hope to bring to to our community: 3-bedroom family townhomes in a connected neighbourhood, uncompromising of design, functionality, and quality.
6 unconventional townhomes starting at $799,000.

Pearl Block :
2910 Shelbourne Street, Victoria
Construction Begins:
April 2019

Pearl Block by Aryze x D'Arcy Jones Architects

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Pearl Block is 6 new townhomes that have been carefully designed by D'Arcy Jones Architects to preserve and enhance the surrounding neighbourhoods privacy. The building’s stepped form responds to the site’s triangular lot, resulting in a building shape where the proposed project’s residents will all have a generously sized outlook onto Shelbourne Street. The building’s footprint and driveway access preserves existing street trees and the adjacent neighbouring trees, creating a contemporary new building that is a quiet and elegant addition to the neighbourhood.

For the design of Pearl Block, D'Arcy Jones Architecture fit a small grouping of 6 townhomes on a wacky site that is shaped like piece of pizza. The only way to do this while creating homes that the design team would want to live in themselves was to manipulate the traditional rowhouse design, while ensuring it maintained the core principles of a front door on the street, 3-bedrooms, and yard space for the kids.

The driveway is slightly sunken and contained with hedging. With an exterior featuring textured stucco planes that step back at each townhome, Pearl Block takes cues from Victoria’s stately turn-of-the-century houses.

Thinking back to our childhood, many of our memories were made in our backyards. Pearl Block is a townhouse with an unconventional backyard; an outdoor living room as large as the footprint of your home on your rooftop! Each rooftop deck is surrounded by tall parapets that are 6’ high so you have complete privacy. They are super safe and provide all the benefits of a backyard less the maintenance.

A healthy, durable home. We’re exploring ways to use materials more simply and honestly. Pine, a sustainable, local wood floor that will patina with your use; exposed steel and plywood; and a monochromatic material palette to soothe and calm. We are uncompromising on the creativity of our design, but committed to functionality and longevity.

A master bath and bed that you'll feel comfortable in. With current bathroom design trending towards all-white-everything, we thought we'd leave the clinical feel at the door and use sandstone colour blocks that will greet you with softness and warmth.

Pearl Block Floorplans

A car at your service. Welcome to the future of driving with Modo car share. Each Pearl Block unit comes with a lifetime membership that allows owners to pick-up and drop-off from the dedicated Modo car share space on the property. Each membership covers gas, insurance, maintenance, cleaning, parking, privileges, and more. Pearl Block makes car sharing easy; choose your own Modo adventure.

Transparent Homeownership

Part of the mission of Pearl Block was to bring transparency to the real estate process. To this end, we decided to uncover the true cost of each component that went into Pearl Block, complete with our own revenue earned. As aspiring young homeowners, we believe that the value of one of the biggest purchases in our lives should not be an ambiguous number. Through our transparent homeownership mission, we hope to make the value of Pearl Block apparent; the legacy of craftsmanship from our 10 years of experience in custom home building married with the intelligence behind D’Arcy Jones Architects, executing on details together that will integrate seamlessly into your life.

A compact, walkable neighbourhood. Pearl Block is centrally located within Oaklands, a neighbourhood full of amenities. From Hillside Mall to the neighbourhood farmers markets and convenience stores, schools and health offices, urban residential and single-family homes, tree-lined pedestrian streets, and arterial, well-serviced transit routes, we picked Oaklands for Pearl Block because we believe a functional and conducive life should be located in a well-connected community.
Designed to Shape Our City by D’Arcy Jones Architects. Pearl Block is addressing the missing middle; the kind of not single-family, not condo-tower-apartment style housing that provides enough room for parents and and a couple of kids and has some form of ground-level front door. This type of housing is key to meeting the growing demand and need for sustainable, walkable urban living and to fostering a sense of community.
D’Arcy Jones Architects is a boutique studio practice in Vancouver. Typical commissions include housing projects, renovations, houses, galleries, and commercial spaces. Regardless of a project’s size or type they believe in clear ideas, balancing budgets with excellence and precision. Combining pragmatism and invention, the studio likes to play with common construction techniques, building proportions,  and traditional and unconventional materials. The studio’s designs are curious and classic.

6 unconventional townhomes starting at $799,000
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