The Floating Tree - Aryze

Project Albero

A swim float with a floating tree in the Gorge Waterway.


Project Albero was a concept developed by Aryze while touring Copenhagen and Aarhus in 2018. We were inspired by these beautiful urban cities with working harbours, lined with people swimming on hot summer days.


Tied to these ocean swimming spots were amazing coffee shops, cafes, and parks, all connected by diverse multi-modal connections. Coming home, we felt this longing for the Danish bike rides to swimming and eating olives with ice coffee. It struck us that we have all the bones for this lifestyle but as a harbor city, the local citizenry is disconnected from harbor recreation.

Development in action

So…we drank a ton of coffee, ate a ton of pizza and looked at maps to brainstorm, how do we spark a conversation on re-thinking some of our waterways for recreation? How do we self-identify as a harbour city? Since we are builder, the only thing we could think of was “let’s build something”.


We connected with Franc D’Ambrosio, founder of DAU Studio, Bianca Bodley, founder of Biophilia Design Collective, and Andrew Chapman, master builder at Aryze. With a little Fol Epi lunch, everybody was in.

Construction and placement

Project Albero was constructed by the Aryze team, under the leadership of Andrew Chapman.  Fabrication took place at Point Hope Shipyard, with yard space and crane capacity generously supplied by RALMAX.


The swim float with a floating tree is located just off Banfield Park in the Gorge waterway.

Where do we go from here?

Stay tuned for further conversations around exploring our identity as a harbour city with urban water recreation opportunities. As always, please connect with us at [email protected]!

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