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902 Foul Bay

18 Urban Infill Townhomes

Contributing to Neighbourhood Diversity and a More Vibrant Future

Hello Neighbour!

We would like to invite
you to an in-person Community Information Session.

Join us on Tuesday,
06 September 2022 @ 7:00pm

We invite you to join us for a Community Information Session at the Sports View Bar & Grill— Oak Bay Recreation Centre (1975 Bee St) at 7:00pm on Tuesday, September 6th. At this event, we will be presenting a brief update on the project followed by a Q+A session to provide more information about the proposed development and give you an opportunity to connect with the project team.

Our belief is that every neighbourhood should have diverse housing types and tenures for all incomes and demographics.

This proposed project enables a high-quality, densified, compact and walkable lifestyle which is critical to solving our climate and housing crisis, all while creating more livable and healthier communities.

Project Benefits

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Neighbourhood-Friendly Design

No larger than the existing zoning allowance for four single-family homes, the proposed design blending with the craftsman-era neighbourhood character.
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Housing for All Incomes

Fulfilling the OCP’s objectives for a neighbourhood of diverse housing and tenures. 18 homes, ranging from 1-3 bedroom, with designated units below market rate.
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Sensitive Urban Infill

Increasing density while respecting neighbourhood character, the proposed design retains a portion of the existing tree canopy while also adding new trees, shrubs and perennials.
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Community Building

Making space for existing residents to remain in their community, while allowing new neighbours to join. More density promotes neighbourhood vibrancy and investment, everybody wins!
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A Greener Tomorrow

A densified lifestyle is critical to solving our climate + housing crisis while creating livable, healthy communities. Our proposal removes the same amount of trees that would be lost via a subdivision under existing zoning.
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Centrally Located

All the benefits of a 15 minute lifestyle with ample access to shops, services and greenspace nearby. A walkable community with numerous amenities at your fingertips.
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A commitment to attainable housing

Proposed below market rate townhomes: Two 1-bedroom units and Two 3-bedroom units offered at 20% below Fair Market Value in perpetuity.

Project at a Glance

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What's Next?

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Learn More

We're committed to being good neighbours and having an open, honest dialogue within the communities we do our work. We’re available to discuss development details with community members through a variety of channels, building trust and establishing a shared vision for the project, all while maintaining respectful and transparent communication.

If you would like to receive updates about our proposed development at 902 Foul Bay, please fill out this form.

If you prefer to just ask a specific question or provide comments about the proposed development, please e-mail community@aryze.ca.

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Aryze Philosophy

As an integrated team of home builders, developers and urban planners, we’re deeply committed to increasing the quality of housing—and the quality of communities—in Victoria, BC.

Approaching every project with intention and care, we aim to contribute to the built environment in a way that enhances your sense of space and your sense of place. It’s in this commitment that we strive to create a lasting impression on the cities, neighbourhoods and homes in which we build.

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