A collection of 17 ground-oriented townhomes, Rhodo is a sensitive infill development that follows a model that has been used historically in the great pedestrian cities of the world.

Rhodo is designed by Shape, a leading Vancouver based architectural practice with a focus on efficient design that contributes to the development of highly-charged urban places.

Active rezoning application
Shape Architecture
Project Partner:
Purdey Group
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Following from the urban design concept precedent of a small country village, the project is conceived as a collection of compact beach homes. Entrances are oriented to the street edge or courtyard, while planters and vegetation mediate between the built form and site edges. Semi-private outdoor patios maintain visual connections to public spaces, allowing for interactions between neighbours. Each building, with a maximum of 6 units, has distinct entrances and is organized around a central courtyard to which all pedestrian routes lead.

Community consultation used to be seen as a necessary evil, but we see it as a value-added process. As we live and work in the Gonzales community, our intention is to ensure that all parties affected have been given a chance to review the proposal and provide feedback. That feedback has proved to be a key aspect of the development of the project.

Rhodo is composed of five 3-bedroom houses, two 4-bedroom townhouses, five 3-bedroom duplex townhouses and five 2-bedroom duplex townhouses. We've hidden cars and bicycles in a single storey of underground parking, providing dedicated storage for 20 cars and 25 bicycles.

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