An integrated home building, development & urban planning team focused on innovation across a full spectrum of housing types.

We’re committed to increasing the quality of homes and communities in Victoria, BC. Using traditional building methods, innovative construction technologies and intelligent design, we deliver thoughtful living environments to people who want to call an Aryze home their own.

As builders

Our team synthesizes craftsmanship and project management strategy to construct some of the most beautiful custom built homes on Vancouver Island.

As developers

We focus on urban infill and base our process around innovation, performance and data-informed design. Every Aryze home is created to benefit the existing community, and the needs of future residents.

As advocates

We see it as our responsibility to provide diverse housing for all neighbourhoods. Our goal is to provide options at all points of the housing continuum to build a healthy, resilient community where everyone’s needs are being met.

Read more about our team, our approach to home building and what inspires us to do the work we do.