Building Better Cities

A global collective of like-minded developers who share similar aspirations and work towards improving standards and practices within the industry.

Mar 30, 20231 min read

Established by Milieu to challenge the status quo, Building Better Cities promotes regular communication and collaboration between its growing list of developers across the globe.


Inspired by the culture of cities, each Milieu project is conceived to make a positive contribution to its setting. Milieu is guided by a belief that our homes, neighbourhoods and surroundings aren’t merely observed, but are felt.


Alloy sees opportunity in the diversity and complexity of urban contexts. By questioning existing practices, Alloy uses great architecture and thoughtful development to positively impact the built environment.


Parabola creates affordable, inspirational and flexible spaces that meet the living and working needs of people now and in the long term, through a design-led development approach focused on positive human impact.