Construction for Anawim’s First Women’s House Now Complete

Led by Aryze Construction Project Manager, Michelle Griffin, the home features seven bedrooms, including a wheelchair-accessible unit, shared bathrooms, a communal kitchen and living spaces.

May 10, 20232 min read

Photo Credit: James Jones Photography

Michelle Griffin, left, project manager Aryze Developments, Sieuwke Stoppel, Anawim Companion Society director of women’s services, along with board directors Karen Wysiecki, Helen Pedneault, Marilyn Turne and Joyce Harris as Anawim House opens its first house for at-risk women.

“This project is a true reflection of the beautiful things that can happen when community comes together for a common goal... we will carry forward the generosity and extraordinary community efforts that have brought us to this magnificent milestone.” – Sieuwke Stoppel, Director of Women’s Services at Anawim Companion Society

The new residence for women received support from the City of Victoria Housing Reserve Fund, the Carole and Clint Forster Foundation at the Victoria Foundation, and individual donors. With the support of many local businesses and suppliers, Aryze built a 4,500 sqft, two-storey home that’s secure, women-only and accessible—on a property gifted to Anawim by an anonymous donor.

“We sincerely thank all our donors, supporters, individuals and organizations that have helped us complete construction of this beautiful home,” said Sieuwke Stoppel, the Director of Women’s Services at Anawim Companion Society.

The Women's House will function similarly to Anawim's Men's House in using the 'Family Model', which emphasizes everyone's responsibility to contribute equally for a healthy, productive living environment; the same expectations you would have of your own family.

Why transitional housing?

In 2020, the Greater Victoria Point-In-Time Homeless Count & Needs Survey reported 487 homeless women in the city; of those, 243 were in transitional housing, a hotel or someone else’s home.

“As homebuilders, we have a responsibility to provide diverse housing solutions for all citizens. We are honoured to collaborate and support local non-profits like Anawim to build safe places for our community to call home.” – Luke Mari, Principal at Aryze Developments

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Photo Credit: James Jones Photography


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