Homeowner Stories

For couple Tadzio and Liz, the townhome typology created the perfect opportunity to enter the market with less homeowner hassle and an enriched urban fabric.

Dec 18, 20233 min read

While they weren’t planning to move during their visit to the Island, after viewing the floor plans and the concept for Rhodo, Tadzio and Liz—and their adorable dog Evie—were drawn back to Victoria from New York City.

Tadzio grew up in James Bay and after living in Montreal to study classical music he made his way to New York for a Masters Degree where he met Liz. The couple connected over the arts, performing together in Cincinnati and spent the past 15 years in New York.

The creatives’ New Yorker roots saturate their home with a tapestry of eclectic moments inspired by the different worlds enveloped by the City—from Koreatown to Soho and Little Italy.

With the tennis court right next door, Tadzio can effortlessly weave a session in between work meetings, or to unwind after a busy day—a refreshing alternative to navigating the tangle of rush hour in the City.

“I grew up in a townhouse—it’s the perfect balance of privacy and community. I really love the growing neighbourhood here and that’s what’s special about this sort of development.” –Tadzio, Homeowner

From luxurious interior finishes to thoughtful architectural design, not only do the townhomes at Rhodo rival detached single-family homes, but they also create an opportunity for homeownership in a neighbourhood that has traditionally been out of reach for many.

With Hollywood Park next door and daily amenities only a short walk away, Rhodo offers a harmonious blend of convenience, community and nature—all the best parts of a 15-minute city.

Relative to New York, the couple’s new home offers more living space and access to greenspace. An escape from the hustle and bustle, enveloped in lush greenery, life at Rhodo invites a West Coast pace where the boundaries between work and play seamlessly blend.

Their dog, Evie, once a city girl, is now living in her own slice of paradise—the couple’s routine having transformed from a rush to the subway to a walk to Gonzales beach, spotting eagles and deer along the way. Tadzio and Liz have relaxed into this change of pace and the balance of privacy and community that the townhome layout creates.

Situated on the edge of the park, their patio overlooks the tennis court and greenspace—a full circle moment for Tadzio who grew up playing baseball at Hollywood Park while living in a townhouse.

“We both pretty much instantly felt at home here,” says Tadzio. “We feel spoiled with the amount of green space and beaches we have near us,” Liz adds.

A big change that came at the perfect time, the couple’s decision to leave New York for the Island lifestyle has proven to be transformative. Taking an unexpected leap into the market, they’ve discovered that life at Rhodo not only offers the best of the city’s dynamic landscapes and nature, but also a vibrant community of connected neighbours.


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