Meet Aryze: Building culture from within

Meet Katherine—our VP of Operations who plays an integral role in Aryze’s success, unlocking the potential of both our projects and our team.

Sep 26, 20212 min read

Bridging the gap between process and people, Katherine identifies opportunities for efficiency as we work to advance developments throughout the city and construct some of the most detailed custom homes on Vancouver Island.

As a living definition of celerity, Katherine inspires effortless excellence and bolsters the welcoming and positive culture that has been thoughtfully cultivated at Aryze.

Could you share a story of how you joined the Aryze team?

I met Ryan and Matty while completing our PMP through UVic. The three of us spent the better part of 3 months together, and I was naturally drawn to their energy, entrepreneurial spirit and humor. Thankfully the feelings were mutual and at the end of our course they offered me a job. Ryan said, “we don’t yet know what you can do for us, but come join and we will find out together”.... and the rest is history.

As the team grows, what unique qualities continue to define Aryze's culture?

The company has grown dramatically from the two man team of Ryan and Matty to a dynamic group tackling a wide variety of construction projects, challenging developments and broad, impactful community advocacy and contributions.

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This growth has brought a natural maturity with it. I think, however, what is more important is what hasn’t changed; a company that puts people first and is passionate about housing and—most importantly—our community. Keeping these as a top priority within our organization speaks not only to the strong leadership and vision of the company, but to the talented group that has been amassed over the last 15 years.

What does it take to be successful as an Aryze employee?

Passion, integrity and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Could you share some advice with the people who are interested in joining the team?

We’re on a mission to gather the best people and use our business to create healthy, beautiful places for our community to call home.

If this resonates with you, please reach out at and tell us about yourself. We want to surround ourselves with talented, passionate individuals who want to make a difference in the city we love.

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Can’t wait to learn more about us? Read our blog, browse through job openings and some of our favourite projects right here.

Can’t wait to learn more about us? Read our blog, browse through job openings and some of our favourite projects right here.