Aryze Construction is a residential and commercial builder with an emphasis on delivering unique projects. We were born out of our craft of construction and have been delivering custom homes and infill development projects for over 10 years. We work collaboratively with design teams and clients to deliver each project as if it's our own.

Architectural Construction


Aryze is a specialized general contractor with a focus on unique, high-quality custom homes and architectural urban development. We have proudly completed projects across a number of market sectors including multifamily residential, high-end custom homes, commercial and heritage restoration. We are intimately involved in all aspects of construction: design collaboration, value engineering, project management and delivery. ARYZE uses an open-book costing and management approach, striving to offer transparency in project costs, management methods and timelines to our customers.

Creative Direction


ARYZE is unique in its integrated approach to design and project management. Through close collaboration with the project architect, client, and sub-contractors, we can achieve a unique, high-quality aesthetic that is closely informed by client goals, cost, and constructibility.  This integrated process optimizes the project as a whole, reduces unforeseen issues, and minimizes the construction schedule.

Heritage Restoration


Heritage restoration is a unique type of project that not only requires a team of experienced craftsmen and access to knowledgeable and proficient sub-trades, but an understanding of the requirements of municipal and heritage advisory groups. Victoria's stock of heritage homes is part of what makes our beautiful city so unique in Western Canada.  ARYZE has been privileged to restore a number of our region's heritage designated homes and estates with an educated, exceptional team of people who are passionate about doing right by history.

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