Development Services

With urban infill development, we take underutilized parcels of land and build multi-family homes in neighbourhoods that have room to grow.

Aryze employee at work on building construction site
detail of wood framing at building construction site
tree lined residential street in Victoria, BC


A densified, compact and walkable lifestyle is critical to solving our climate and housing crises, and can contribute to healthier communities for all.



We develop projects at all points of the housing continuum—ranging from townhomes to apartments, both entry-level to high-end. We also collaborate with partners like BC Housing, the CRD and the City of Victoria to offer below-market rate rental and homeownership programs.


We discuss development details with the community through a variety of channels to establish a shared vision for each project. We encourage open dialogue so people can contribute their ideas and see those values reflected in the end product.


We use data to inform our decisions, as it helps us understand how people in urban areas interact with the built environment. By using a series of proprietary aggregated data sets—known as Aryze Analytics—we’re able to identify the appropriate housing needs and tailor our projects accordingly.

Development Management

We’re a business that is the sum of its parts. Our team is experienced in leading the site planning, design and municipal approval process for projects throughout Victoria, the CRD and the lower mainland. Through due diligence, strategic planning and design management, we work to realize each project’s full potential.

Want to know more about our development process and services? Contact us. We’d love to hear what you’re working on.

Browse some of our recent infill development projects to see our approach in action.

Browse some of our recent infill development projects to see our approach in action.