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1025 Kings Road

Contemporary Rental Homes to Bolster Urban Village Vibrancy

At the Junction of Kings Road and Fifth Street.

Located at the corner of Kings Road and Fifth Street, the building is seen as expressing—through form and materials—the vibrant context of the Hillside Quadra neighbourhood. Playful pops of colour on each balcony, vibrant planting materiality and a spacious hardscaped entrance animate this area while working together to create a sense of place and arrival.

This proposed development seeks to provide a more urban, street-oriented building that is compatible with the evolving neighbourhood.

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Development Design Principles

Urban Village Vibrancy

Contemporary Architecture

Friendly to the Street

Car-Lite Lifestyle

Purpose-Built Rental Housing

Project at a Glance

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Aerial Rendering

Neighbourhood Grain

This area of the Quadra Village neighbourhood includes a heterogeneous mix of commercial and residential uses, with a mix of single-family character homes and multi-family buildings along Fifth Street and a wide range of retail, commercial businesses, and services along Quadra Street. The subject site is also less than 500 metres from the north edge of Victoria’s downtown core area.

The building grain peaks on Quadra Street and tapers as you move East off this main road which is a typical land use pattern for the City. The footprint of the existing building is symptomatic of its era with larger setbacks from the street which results in a fragmented urban design program.

Modern design narratives seek to bring more intimacy to the street with tighter urban setbacks with the balance of the design program being driven by rental utility and energy efficiency. This location is well supported by walking, cycling, transit, parks, schools, retail and service offerings which makes it a great place for incremental density.

Policy Context

The subject property is located within the Quadra Large Urban Village.

In the Official Community Plan, Urban Villages are envisioned to absorb 40% of all population growth yet they only make up 3.5% of the City’s land base. It is for this reason that we need to be careful about redevelopment to ensure these scarce lands are utilized appropriately.

The housing forms characterizing these areas are low-rise and mid-rise multi-unit buildings up to six storeys including townhouses and apartments, freestanding commercial and mixed-use buildings.

The density envisioned for the Large Urban Villages areas is up to 2.5 FSR. Our project, as proposed, is at 2.93 FSR which is above the Official Community Plan allowance. There are provisions in the Official Community Plan to exceed the stated density for the advancement of certain plan objectives, in our case, the objectives are rental housing, affordable housing and public art.

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Why Rental?

We believe housing is a human right, and with homeownership increasingly out of step with local incomes, Purpose Built Rental (PBR) housing is the strongest form of tenure and represents a possible—and sometimes beneficial—alternative to homeownership.

Common benefits to rental housing are the lack of maintenance or repair costs, increased access to amenities, no property taxes, more flexibility where you live, predictable monthly payments, and no requirement for a downpayment.

What does the data tell us? Sixty-one percent (61%) of households in Victoria rent their home; of these, almost half (48%) are one-person households.


of households in Victoria rent their home


of those are one-person households.

The building programming has been designed in response to this data:

  • 5 x Studio Homes
  • 34 x One Bedroom Homes
  • 15 x Two Bedroom Homes
  • 2 x Three Bedroom Homes

What's more, all rental units have been designed to increase livability through form and function, ultimately supporting long-term tenancies.

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Learning from our History

The 1960s and 1970s introduced the first series of apartment buildings built under the Federal multi-unit residential building (MURB) program that incentivized many of the rental apartments built throughout the Capital Region.

As this program was phased out, only 934 purpose built rental units were built between 1980 and 2016, however, the City of Victoria’s population grew by 25,793 residents. Herein lies the problem; population growth outnumbered rental housing construction by more than 27 to 1 creating a significant shortage of supply. If we are going to make urban progress in affordability, climate change, and social equity, we need to increase rental housing across the city in areas well connected to walk, bike, and transit corridors.

Population Growth

between 1980-2016


Rental Units Built

between 1980-2016


Site Layout

This proposal seeks to provide a more urban, street-oriented building that is compatible with the evolving neighbourhood.

Positioned at the corner of Kings Road and Fifth Street, the bulk of the six storey massing has been deliberately pushed north onto Kings Road, stepping down to five stories as it meets the recently completed rental apartment building–directly to the south at 2570 Fifth Street. Corner balconies in various depths help to further ‘erode’ the massing and visually increase the building setbacks.

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Kings Road functions as the ‘front door’ to the building, providing access to the underground parkade, secure bicycle storage at grade, and the pedestrian building entrance. Intimate setbacks enhance the urban streetscape along Kings Road, in addition to the vibrant landscape design.

The building is set back along Fifth Street to align and maintain the continuity of the street frontage with 2570 Fifth Street. The introduction of patio units complements the transition to the neighbouring residential houses to the east and helps to maintain the quiet residential character of the street.

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Design Inspiration

The design of the building takes its cues from the colourful, dynamic and vital neighbourhood of Hillside-Quadra. As downtown slowly fades into Fernwood to the east and Burnside-Gorge to the west, Hillside-Quadra functions as the northern extension of the urban intensity of the core.

This vibrancy is translated into eclectic architecture from all eras of Victoria’s growth, a diverse population, and many beloved local businesses, both old and new. Following this spirit of regeneration and opportunity, 1025 Kings Road is a nod to the modernist apartment buildings of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s which are typical of the area, while also exhibiting a contemporary architectural expression and raising the standards of design within the neighbourhood.

1025_Kings_DesignSketches (1).jpg
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Material Palette

Charcoal toned brick, black window frames and playful pops of colour mark both the building entries and exterior balcony spaces, while the main palette of the building is unobtrusive with the use of white cementitious panels.

A feature wall at the ground floor bicycle room entrance will introduce light and colour into the public realm via a custom light installation or mural visible through a wall of storefront glazing. The building is grounded by a vibrant planting materiality which extends into the public realm and creates a sense of place.


Bike Score


"Very Bikeable"

Walk Score


"Very Walkable"

Street Network

Kings Road extends west and east, while Fifth Street extends north and south, both are a two-way streets and classified by the City of Victoria as a local road.

The Fifth Street and Kings Road intersection to the north of the development site operates under stop control for Fifth Street. Fifth Street traffic is restricted to right-in and right-out only turn movements.

Multi-Modal Network

From the subject property’s doorstep there are diverse cycle routes, bus routes and walking options.

The City of Victoria’s twenty-five year transportation masterplan places even more focus and investment in alternative transportation options with additional transit service and bike lanes planned for the area, including an All Ages and Abilities (AAA) shared-use bikeway along Kings Road planned for construction in 2021.

Quadra Street extending north and south is classified by the City of Victoria as an arterial road.

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Shadow Studies

Proposed Building

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What's Next?

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If you would like to be included on project updates for our proposed development at 1025 Kings, please fill out this form.

If you have a specific question about the project, someone from our Development team will be in touch.

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