By the Beach Next to Fairfield & Rockland

Get to know the well-established neighbourhood of Gonzales; filled with leafy streets, quaint beaches and beautiful parks. Just another example of a neighbourhood in Victoria that has room to grow.

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Since 2011, 73 new dwellings have been built in Gonzales, none of which were townhomes

Number of New Dwellings by Category Since 2011

15 Houses

Greater than 2,000 sqft

36 Suites

Less than 900 sqft

22 Apartment Units

From 900–1,600 sqft

97% of the properties in Gonzales are zoned for single-family homes, which is the highest rate in the city


Census data between 2011 and 2016 demonstrates that Gonzales' population growth is far below the City of Victoria average


Senior residents


Children under 15


Families with kids


Gonzales is <i>not</i> a prime example of densification

43 persons per hectare


78 persons per hectare


120 persons per hectare

North American Major City Average

Gonzales has the greatest amount of street parking per dwelling from anywhere else in the city

17.6 meters

Average Available Street Parking in Gonzales

7.7 meters

Average Available Street Parking in Victoria


Gonzales has less greenspace per capita than the remainder of Victoria

21m² per capita


31m² per capita

Victoria Average

Housing Costs


Average house sale value 2017–2018


Average condo sale value 2017–2018


Average cost of rent 2016

34% Renters


49% Renters