Rhodo by ARYZE

In the heart of the Gonzales neighbourhood, at the southernmost point of Victoria, we’re planning a new community of homes with Shape Architecture, a leading Vancouver based architect and winner of the 2018 AIBC Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal.

Approved at August 2019 Public Hearing
Shape Architecture
Project Partner:
Purdey Group

A collection of one to four bedroom ground-oriented townhomes, Rhodo is designed as a mews, a sensitive infill development that follows a model that has been used historically in the great pedestrian cities of the world.

Project Overview

The proposed project includes three townhouse clusters centred around a lush internal mews. The pedestrian oriented mews is possible by keeping car’s out of sight in a level of underground parking, thereby creating a park like public/private gathering place in the centre of our project. The site density of our proposal sits at 0.85 FSR which is below the maximum permissible of 1.0 FSR under the Traditional Residential designation in the Official Community Plan. This density is a reflection of the larger site area of 0.60 acres which is a rarity in a built-out neighbourhoods like Gonzales.

Creating a Village

Following from the urban design concept precedent of a small country village, the project is conceived as a small beach village. Entrances are oriented to the street edge or courtyard. Planters and vegetation mediate between built form and the site edges. Semi-private outdoor patios maintain visual connections to public spaces to allow for interactions between neighbours. The project is organized around a central courtyard to which all pedestrian routes lead. Each building cluster provides distinct visible entrances, each doubling as a semi- public hang out space in the spirit of the stoop on a brownstone reinforcing social connections between neighbours.

Relationship to Street + Park

This housing type, provides an excellent street edge condition with visual connections to unit interiors and a semi-public outdoor space. This thickened edge at the building front allows for quiet spaces of repose where one can enjoy a morning coffee or stretch after an evening jog. Along the Hollywood Park side of the site, units give on to outdoor patios with steps down to the park. The building facade in this location has two roles. It acts to mediate light and views from within but it also acts to frame and compliment the park’s eastern edge. So too, the Fairfield Road facade in concert with Montague Court / Hollywood Corners across the street, creates a lively urban edge framing the new urban node that has been created. Key to the success of the project is the creation of engaging edges to both park and street, animating and framing the life of the neighbourhood.

Project partners, Aryze Developments & Purdey Group, in concert with SHAPE Architecture have undertaken a multi-phase community consultation process. This process was intended to ensure that all parties affected by the proposed project were given a chance to review the proposal and provide feedback and that that feedback would then influence the development of the project. To date, we have made over 165 changes to the project that were a result of direct feedback received from the following community engagement events:

Community Engagement & Approvals

  • March 2017

    Conceptual design Community Association engagement

  • March 2017

    Delivery of 200+ flyers to households in the immediate area

  • March to August 2017

    Door to door canvassing

  • July 2017

    Public Open House

  • July 2017

    Preliminary CALUC presentation

  • July 2017

    Design Revisions to address feedback from the Open House and CALUC submission

  • August 2017

    CALUC submission

  • August 2017

    Final CALUC presentation

  • March 2018

    Advisory Design Panel

  • Spring 2018 - Fall 2018

    Ongoing door knocking & community conversations

  • November 2018

    Door to door with project Q&A flyer delivery (200m radius)

  • November 2018

    Committee of the Whole

  • August 2019

    Approved at Public Hearing

For project inquiries please contact:
Aryze Main Office
(c): (250) 940-3568
(e): [email protected]
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