A sophisticated solution that draws inspiration from historical building architecture in the immediate area. These 11 units, provide family orientated housing to a walkable amenity rich neighbourhood.


Architecture and interiors by leading Canadian architect, D’Arcy Jones Architecture

Sales and Construction Start - Spring 2020
D'Arcy Jones Architecture
Project Partner:
Purdey Group

Fresh air

All of the units face an open-air courtyard, to enable east-west orientations that prevent overheating. Defined exterior entries, creating a new rowhouse-like community with the benefits of windows at both ends to allow for natural lighting and cross ventilation.


Clever ways of providing natural light to the units while taking into consideration the neighbours' view of Rotunda.


Architect's initial vision and concept sketch

Brick and curves

The arched openings used at 440 Parry Street and at the adjacent United Church, inspired Rotunda's theme of curved openings. The red brick used on so many of Victoria’s heritage building will be used on all of the proposal’s exterior walls, also a continuation of 440 Parry. Brick on the side walls provide visual interest and texture, so often these surfaces are finished with unappealing cost-effective materials.


Compact neighbourhoods help prevent urban sprawl so the edges of our communities aren’t bleeding into the beautiful green spaces of Vancouver Island. This means there is more room and better utilization of public spaces: parks, beaches, playgrounds, etc.

New life

This development supports values that ultimately will lead us into the future. James Bay has all the things that make communities great: amenity rich, walkable, conducive to healthy living, lots of parks and beaches, and neighbourliness. That said, StatCan data shows that James Bay has some of the lowest rates of children, families, and highest rates of seniors in Victoria. This is partly due to the increase in housing costs and lack of family oriented housing supply. This development will introduce a number of unique housing types attracting a new population. Utilizing principles to support attainable design, we hope this project will in a small way help maintain the vitality of the neighbourhood. Rotunda is inclusionary, walkable, amenity rich, and designed to be neighbourly to the existing area.

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