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1733-37 Fairfield Road

A Sensitive Infill Development

Protecting Valued Community Greenspace

Envisioned as a sensitive infill development, 1733-37 Fairfield Road is proposed as a mix of townhomes and apartments for those looking to rightsize their living space.

This multi-family project is also seeking to officially protect valued greenspace at Abkhazi Garden in the form of a density transfer.

Preserving a community amenity while responding to the need for diverse housing in a neighbourhood that has room to grow.

1733-37 Fairfield Highlights

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4 storeys

North Setback


Site Coverage


South Setback

2.00m to Balcony

Floor Area

31,313 sqft

South Setback

4.54 to Building Fence


1.67 FSR

West Setback

2.40m on Beechwood Ave

East Setback

2.34m Inner Side Yard
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Number of Homes

19 Homes
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6 Homes

Parking Stalls

22 Stalls

One Bedroom

1 Home

One Bedroom + Den

4 Homes
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Two Bedroom

5 Homes

Long Term Bike Stalls

30 Stalls

Two Bedroom + Den

1 Home

Short Term Bike Stalls

6 Stalls

Three Bedroom + Den

1 Home

Adaptable Units


Residential Tenure

Strata Ownership

Key Project Pillars

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The Right Homes in the Right Places

As proposed, 1733-37 Fairfield Road will include both townhomes and apartments—the missing middle housing options that will allow residents to stay in their community while making room for new families as well.

We have received feedback that there is a need for single level living spaces in the Fairfield Gonzales neighbourhood. Our project was designed in direct response to this feedback, promoting aging in place and creating diverse housing options in the established neighbourhood, near existing services and amenities.

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Thoughtful Design

The concept of ‘thoughtful design’ speaks to our proposal’s design drivers from a variety of perspectives:

  • Identifying this audience at the outset of our proposal development allows us to acutely address day-to-day lifestyle needs through design. In this case, not only are we ensuring there are housing options with single-level living, but also units that could be modified to become adaptable if required.
  • Key moves that have been implemented when looking at the overarching site context and opportunities to complement the existing neighbourhood grain.
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Protecting Greenspace

This third and final project pillar speaks to an incredibly unique opportunity 1733-37 Fairfield Road incorporates through its ability to add measurable value to another piece of land—and a valued community asset—in the Gonzales neighbourhood.

Scroll through the Density Transfer section below to learn more about our collaboration with The Land Conservancy of BC.

Density Transfer

A collaboration between Aryze Developments and The Land Conservancy of British Columbia is seeking to officially protect valued greenspace at Abkhazi Garden in the form of a density transfer.

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While the concept may seem new, a density transfer is a common tool used in cities across North America, often where heritage buildings can sell their development rights in order to protect their heritage status.

Those zoning rights can be realized by someone else; a win-win where they can protect their heritage building or piece of land and use that density in a more appropriate location. In this instance, Abkhazi Garden is an important asset to the public and is acting as the donor site with the land at 1733-37 being the receiver site of the density rights.


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Design Inspiration

The architectural expression of 1733-37 Fairfield is both understated and playful, employing a site specific approach to its design.

The core design principles include minimizing adverse massing impacts on neighbours, sensitively responding to site context and meaningfully contributing to the architectural expression of the Gonzales neighbourhood—and Victoria as a whole. Within this operating framework, the proposal successfully integrates into its surroundings and will positively contribute to the City’s urban fabric.

Learn More in our Application Brief

Unique Features

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Common rooftop outdoor amenity space (Level 3)

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Oversize storage lockers for residents

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High performance & highly sustainable: Zero-Carbon/100% Electric HVAC and hot water delivery systems. The building will target (and in some areas exceed) BC Step Code 3 energy efficiency standards.

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Over 30% of units have been designed to be readily convertible to adaptable living units, catering to individuals with mobility challenges or wishing to age in place.

Green Building Strategies

As a high performance infill redevelopment of a low density urban site on a transit corridor—and in close proximity to the Fairfield Shopping Centre Small Urban Village—the proposed development at 1733-1737 Fairfield Road is designed to thoughtfully contribute to a sustainable, low carbon future envisioned by the City of Victoria.

Transit-Oriented Infill Development

With the growing body of research indicating that densification holds the key for cities fight against climate change, reducing our dependence on cars is the most significant component of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The central location of 1733-1737 Fairfield Road encourages a car-lite lifestyle, offering alternative transportation modes like walking, cycling and transit as primary options for future residents.

High-Performance Building Envelope

1733-1737 Fairfield Road is designed to be constructed to meet (and potentially exceed) BC Step Code 3, in accordance with the City of Victoria’s phased Step Code guidelines. Step Code 3 represents a 20% increase in efficiency.

100% Electric Building

The single biggest sustainability measure in the project is our decision to proceed with an option for an all electric servicing approach. Adopting a comprehensive renewable energy supply will result in a major reduction of GHG emissions produced by the building during its operational lifetime—a meaningful contribution to the City’s efforts to respond to the causes and impacts of climate change. 1733-37 Fairfield Rd will set a strong example of a low carbon, high-performance condominium building in alignment with the principles and targets outlined in the City of Victoria Climate Action Plan.

Adaptive Living

A range of unit sizes and configurations have been developed for 1733-37 Fairfield Rd in an effort to provide right-sizing buyers who want to age in place with appropriate housing options.

The design team is exploring the potential for the incorporation of adaptable units and has provided a number of comparatively large two and three bedroom units in anticipation of this approach.

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Material Palette

The proposal’s material language is understated and employs a durable, high quality material palette.

An articulated light brick two-storey base that complements the colour and materiality of Montague Court serves to ground the design along Fairfield Road, and steps down to one storey as it moves away from the corner along Beechwood Avenue.

A metal diamond shingle with a light zinc finish clads the building above this datum, providing a textured and dynamic finish in a neutral colour palette.

Light zinc finish metal planters, pickets and window frames tie together the brick base and diamond shingle clad volume.


1733-37 Fairfield is very well situated within the context of Fairfield Gonzales neighbourhood.

Within a short walking distance, you’ll find numerous schools, healthcare facilities, a grocery store, parks—and even a few places to grab coffee or tea. Many other essential amenities that cover day to day needs are in close proximity to our proposed development.

The site location is also very well serviced from a transportation standpoint. Fairfield Road is a spine running through this part of the city, connecting lots of destinations from Oak Bay Avenue up in the north, and direct routes into downtown.

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What's Next?

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Stay Informed

We're committed to being good neighbours and having an open, honest dialogue in the communities where we do our work.

As our proposal moves through various phases of the development process, we aim to keep community members informed in order to build trust and establish a shared vision for the project.

If you would like to be included on project updates for our proposed development at 1733-37 Fairfield Road, please fill out this form.