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1805-11 Feltham Road

Purpose-Built Rental Homes

Rethinking the Rental Experience

1805-11 Feltham is proposed as the future home to TELUS Living—a mixed-use purpose-built rental concept that is fundamentally rethinking rental living potential.

Looking to celebrate the rental experience, TELUS Living will provide high quality, refreshed rental housing to the Gordon Head area, with a commitment to enhance and invest in the existing community fabric.

Project Team

TELUSAryzeOffice of Mcfarlane Biggar Architects + DesignersMurdoch De Greeff IncMcElhanney

TELUS Living

TELUS Living is a mixed-use purpose-built rental concept that is looking to reimagine the rental living experience with future-forward programming, residential amenities and services for tenants and guests.

For the conscious renter, TELUS Living is the catalyst for connected communities that truly let you live, as TELUS Living deeply integrates design, technology and sustainability for an unparalleled sense of home, community and connection. These homes will be designed with two key audiences in mind—established millennials and rightsizers who are seeking the freedom that leasing offers, without the burdens of homeownership.

Providing high quality, well designed homes in a neighbourhood that has room to grow, TELUS Living will bring positive and sustainable change to Gordon Head, while meeting the broader objectives of the Saanich Housing Strategy.

Why Rental?

The Housing Strategy provides clear direction on how Saanich plans to contribute to improving housing opportunities and outcomes and address the urgent need to increase housing supply, diversity and affordability.

This need for rental housing is further supported in the following data.

Project Pillars

At the beginning stages of design development, we set out guiding parameters called Project Pillars. These are the guiding elements that our proposal has responded to and are prioritized by the entire project team.

Rental Housing

The Saanich Housing Strategy underscores the critical need for rental housing in the area, and Purpose-Built Rental housing represents the most secure form of tenure. In addition to meeting this foundational need amidst a housing crisis, we are also responding to a mandate where TELUS needs to maintain ownership of the site, which removes the option of exploring a stratified lot. With homeownership increasingly out of step with local incomes, purpose-built rental housing is the strongest form of tenure and represents a beneficial alternative to homeownership.

TELUS Infrastructure

The lot at 1805 Feltham Road holds the existing TELUS infrastructure, which is important for the community in terms of telecommunications access. This building serves TELUS customers with high speed internet, business services and other cellular and landline services all throughout the Gordon Head neighbourhood and beyond. Thanks to technology advancements, the footprint requirement to host these services is much smaller today than it was in the past, which allows TELUS to explore redevelopment opportunities while supporting the community with much needed rental housing choice.

Pedestrian Priority

The subject site at 1805-11 Feltham Road is divided by a pedestrian pathway that runs north/south between the two parcels of land, providing an important connection for the community. We looked to prioritize this pedestrian pathway throughout the proposed design, ensuring to maintain a safe and welcoming experience for all pedestrians. The pedestrian experience has also been prioritized as we continue to explore potential off-site improvements, such as a safer crosswalk for residents that would better connect with the future protected cycling lane.

Thoughtful Design

The design is motivated by a site-specific approach that thoughtfully responds to the existing neighbourhood context. The site is imagined as a series of smaller parcels that are sympathetic to the cadence of adjacent lots and the building is broken down into a collection of smaller elements that are playfully distributed across these parcels with generous pockets of greenspace in between. Each element is carefully oriented to protect existing trees and preserve the current pathway connecting Feltham Road with Fairhurst Avenue.

Want to learn more about our project pillars?

Read the full Application Brief

Site Context & Layout

The subject site, located at 1805-11 Feltham Road, is a consolidation of three lots in Gordon Head, which is made up of three distinct components:

1809-11 Feltham

An existing vacant single-family house which was acquired by TELUS last year.

1805 Feltham

The existing TELUS infrastructure building, providing telecommunications services to the area.

Pedestrian Pathway

Running north/south between the parcels of land and is currently owned by the District of Saanich.

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The proposed development demonstrates a stepped design to mimic the rhythm of the neighbourhood grain while creating 'pocket parks' for the future residents.

The approach illustrated here shows how the proposal was designed to respond to the neighbourhood, motivated by creating something site-specific that fits.

Want to learn more about the pedestrian pathway?

Read the full Application Brief

Building Form

The building responds to the sloping topography by stepping down across the site, which minimizes the perceived height and breaks down the roofline.

The lowest floor navigates grade and allows for the site design to reflect the natural topography and encourage connections with interior spaces. The tallest portion of the building is located within the center of the site with an additional setback that gestures toward the main entrance and lobby. The landscape is also imagined as a collection of unique elements which respond to their adjacent uses and context. Two north facing courtyards break up the street elevation and contain raingardens which showcase natural strategies for stormwater treatment and retention.

The public nature of the pathway is underscored by framing it with unique planting and the generous greenspaces alongside create a more inviting experience for pedestrians passing through. The relationship of interior spaces has been carefully considered to provide “eyes on the street” at the pathway and courtyard spaces to enhance security while balancing resident privacy.

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Want to learn more about the building form?

Read the full Application Brief

Project at a Glance

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5 storeys
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Front Setback


Site Area

20,129 sf

Rear Setback


Floor Area

79,739 sqft

East + West Setbacks



2.15 FSR

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Number of Homes

98 Homes
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Parking Stalls

67 Stalls + a loading stall


36 Homes (37%)

Long-Term Bike Stalls

151 Stalls

One Bedroom

40 Homes (41%)

Short-Term Bike Stalls

6 Stalls

Two Bedroom

22 Homes (22%)

Residential Tenure


What's Next?

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Stay Informed

We're committed to being good neighbours and having an open, honest dialogue in the communities where we do our work.

As our proposal moves through various phases of the development process, we aim to keep community members informed in order to build trust and establish a shared vision for the project.

If you would like to be included on project updates for our proposed development at 1805-11 Feltham Road, please fill out this form.

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