1934 Hovey

A Proposed Development by Aryze

Two multifamily purpose-built rental building situated at the corner of Hovey Rd and East Saanich Rd in Central Saanich, BC

Central Saanich

Home Type


Residential Tenure

Purpose-Built Rental

Project Status

In Development

1934 Hovey is a proposed rezoning and development of the lands at 1934-66 Hovey Road & 7551 East Saanich Road. It envisions two multifamily purpose built rental buildings, with the West Building (Market Rental) consisting of approximately 133 homes ranging from studio to 3-bedroom and the East Building (Legion) consisting of 62 affordable studio and 1-bedroom units intended for seniors.

Project Team


Dialog Design

Legion Manor Victoria

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Situated along the key north/south transit corridor of East Saanich Road, the subject site is well positioned to support a growing population and offers many of the day-today amenities to promote a ‘15 Minute City’ lifestyle. Within a close walking distance— or short bike ride—you’ll find a restaurant, grocery store and a pharmacy within the Saanichton Village. Nearby, you’ll also find the Saanich Peninsula Hospital, which is a full-service hospital for nearby residents.

  • Subject Site

  • Urban Containment Boundary

  • Saanichton Village

  • Legion Manor Victoria

  • Bus Stop

  • Restaurant

  • Grocery Store

  • Liquor Store

  • Pharmacy

  • Post Office

  • Healthcare Centre

  • Church

  • Park

Site Context

The site is situated within the Urban Containment Boundary (UCB) as defined in the recently adopted Central Saanich OCP, and borders the ALR to the east. The neighbour to the north is the Legion Manor, a senior retirement complex and to the south are existing single family home parcels, which are also located within the UCB.

The assembled site area is approximately 8,094 sq.m (87,123sf), and gradually slopes from west to east at 3-5%, for an overallgrade change of approximately 5.1m. There is a mix of planted drainage swale, and buried culverts along Hovey Road, and no existing sidewalk.

A cluster of mature evergreen trees are located on the western edge of the site, specifically along East Saanich Road. These trees are intended to be preserved to serve as a visual and acoustic barrier against the proposed west edge of the project, which can also help maintain the site’s aesthetics and reduce noise pollution.

Project Pillars

Our proposal for 1934-66 Hovey Road and 7551 East Saanich Road seeks to respond to the housing needs and objectives of Central Saanich by focusing on three key project pillars:

Affordable Seniors Housing

A core component of this proposed development is our partnership with the Legion Manor Victoria, where the East Building will be owned and managed by the Legion, and consist of 62 affordable studio and 1-bedroom units intended for seniors 55 years of age and older. Their development committee is currently in the process of applying to BC Housing’s Community Housing Fund (CHF)—a $3.3-billion investment to build more than 20,000 affordable rental homes for people with moderate and low incomes. With Legion Manor Victoria’s current facility being the neighbour directly to the north of the proposed development, this additional housing will build on the success of their existing infrastructure and programming.

Growth in the Right Places

Providing housing choice within the Urban Containment Boundary is in alignment with the OCP’s objective to increase and diversify housing stock and focus on growth in the right places. It is widely understood that homes should be located near existing services, amenities and other destinations (in areas such as this in close proximity to Saanichton Village). Locations like these are great candidates for more housing as they demonstrate an efficient use of land that avoids clearcutting forests on greenfield sites in order to provide the homes people need. The municipality’s policies speak to these trends with a whole host of strategies that aim to reduce car dependence and showcase climate leadership.

Workforce Housing

Saanichton Village includes a number of local shops and Saanich Peninsula Hospital is located just to the east of the village core. Further afield the area has major employers such as BC Ferries and Victoria International Airport. A community that offers a diversity of housing choice is more likely to have a stable and reliable workforce, which is essential for economic growth and the delivery of critical services. The West Building (Market Rental)—on the west side of the site—will contain approximately 133 purpose-built rental homes ranging from studio to 3-bedrooms to strengthen the community and support local business needs.

Legion Manor Victoria

For more than 50 years, Legion Manor Victoria has provided affordable housing for veterans and adults 55+.

The proposal for 1934-66 Hovey Road & 7551 East Saanich Road represents an expansion that will bolster the successful program the Legion Manor have developed over the last five decades by increasing the number of homes they will own and operate directly adjacent to their existing facility. In our design, we have emphasized the proximity of the existing facility by ensuring ease of access between the two properties with a pedestrian pathway that connects the West Building (Market Rental) and the East Building (Legion) with the existing Legion facilities. The Legion Manor Victoria facility currently has a 2-5 year waitlist, with over 160 seniors (including veterans) seeking independent living suites, and close to 20 seniors (some veterans) waiting for assisted living suites. This proposal represents an opportunity to take a solid step forward towards a long-term solution for some of our community’s most vulnerable. Our team at Aryze approached the Legion Manor Victoria early on in the development process in the hopes of establishing a partnership and providing an opportunity to expand. As proposed, the Legion Manor Victoria will own and operate the East Building (Legion) and the land it is built on in perpetuity, should they be awarded the BC Housing funding.,0,3272,2985&q=75&fit=clip&auto=format,0,555,326&q=75&fit=clip&auto=format

Building Form & Design

Early on, we established several core guidelines that we felt were a thoughtful and sustainable approach to site planning and design, taking into account both the natural features of the land and the need for functional, aesthetically pleasing architecture.

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Project Renderings

West Building (Market Rental) – Corner of East Saanich and Hovey Roads

West Building (Market Rental) Courtyard View

South West Aerial View – Corner of East Saanich and Hovey Roads

South East Aerial View – Hovey Road

Repairing Ecologies

Three project principles have been formulated to guide the future design and concepts for open space at Hovey Road. These have been formulated around the idea that the future redevelopment should be inclusive, resilient and create a vibrant housing for Central Saanich. Sustainability will be at its heart, as will connections to the areas agricultural roots.

Materiality and Planting

The outdoor materials and furnishings for the project will feature a contemporary, ‘West Coast’ character that celebrates the surrounding context. The planting for the project will comprise and mix of indigenous species, adapted ornamentals, and those that reflect the temperate rainforest on Vancouver Island. A changing climate means that many of the species – the trees in particular – have been chosen to allow for shifts in planting zones and growing season days in the future.

Open Space Description

A concept has been developed that creates ample open space and amenities across the site. The plan places gathering space in a central courtyard, surrounded by private patios and circulation. This is complemented by other major program space consisting of urban agriculture located in the space between the two buildings. In addition to these areas are a series of building entry locations, private yards and planted zones. The upgraded frontage on Hovey Road is envisioned to include a roadside rain garden boulevard.

Landscape Plan

Transportation Choice

Road Network

Though the streets have not been formally designated as such, Wallace Drive and East Saanich Road operate like arterial roads, as they provide key connections from south Central Saanich to north Central Saanich. Hovey Road and Prosser Road operate as local roads, as they are both no-through routes, each servicing approximately 10 properties. All the nearby intersections, including East Saanich Road and Hovey Road, Wallace Drive and Hovey Road, and East Saanich Road and Prosser Road, are stop-controlled, with free flow traffic on Wallace Drive and East Saanich Road. In addition, various on-street parking facilities are available nearby. On Hovey Road east of East Saanich Road, the limited curbside space is currently being used as parallel street parking informally.

Transit Network

The site is well served by public transit, with multiple transit stops within 800 metres of the site (an approximate ten-minute walk). The site is located less than 200m from stops on local route #72, less than 400m from stops on local routes #81 and #75, and within 800m of stops on local routes #87 and #82. Though not within the typical walking distance of 800m, one is able to make connections to regional routes #70 and #71 using the local bus routes. Regional routes #70 and #71 run along Highway 17, making key connections to the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal in the north and Downtown Victoria in the south.

Cycling and Pedestrian Network

The site is well connected to the cycling network. East Saanich Road, which is directly adjacent to the site, is a marked on-street bike route that connects from south Central Saanich to the north municipal border. Using this route, Saanichton Village is a short 4-minute bike away. Within 400m of the site, the bike route on Wallace Drive is also available, connecting to Brentwood Bay Village in the southwest and intersecting with East Saanich Road in the north. Both routes have the ability to lead to the Lochside Regional Trail, a popular multi-use trail that runs from Swartz Bay to Victoria. From a pedestrian standpoint, the site is fairly well connected, with sidewalks available on most streets surrounding the development. Saanichton Village, where residents may access their daily amenities and services, is a 10-minute walk away with sufficient sidewalk facilities to support the journey.

Car Share

Modo is a two-way car sharing service where registered members can pick up the vehicle from a parking spot and must return it to the same spot when they are done. Currently, the site has two Modo car share vehicles located just over 800m away (an estimated 10 to 15-minute walk or 5-minute bike) at Wallace Drive and Mount Newton Cross Road. The car share service features a compact car and SUV. Another potential car sharing option for residents of the proposed development is Turo. Turo allows individuals to rent out their private vehicles when not in use. As of September 2023, more than 200 cars are listed that can be picked up at or near the subject site.

Transportation Choice Map
  • Urban Containment Boundary

  • Saanichton Village

  • 10-15min Walking Distance

  • Bus Routes to Downtown Victoria/Sidney/Swartz Bay

  • Modo Car

  • Existing On-Road Cycling Routes

  • Future On-Road Cycling Routes

Transit Impact Analysis

Transit efficiency is provided by building housing in walkable and cyclable neighbourhoods with access to public transit such as Saanichton Village. The proposed development is exploring a wide range of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) offerings such as:

  • A dedicated car share vehicle parked outside the building
  • Exceeding bylaw requirements for long term bicycle parking spaces
  • 20 Mobility Scooter spaces for the Legion Manor Victoria to reflect the unique needs of the senior housing project
  • Improved bicycle parking and access
  • Electric charging capabilities for long-term spaces
  • Bicycle maintenance and repair facilities
  • Extra-large cargo bicycle spaces

These initiatives are integral to supporting reduced parking provisions, promoting sustainable transportation choices, and creating a more pedestrian and cyclist-friendly environment within the development, contributing to its overall success and appeal.

Project at a Glance

West Building (Market Rental)

5-6 Storeys

Site Area

55,305 sqft

Floor Area

102,818 sqft

Site Coverage

North Setback


West Setback


South Setback

Number of Homes



32 Homes

1 Bedroom

69 Homes

2 Bedroom

24 Homes

3 Bedroom

8 Homes
Short-term Bike Stalls

23 Stalls

Long-term Bike Stalls

209 Stalls

Parking Stalls


Car Share

1 Car

East Building (Legion)

6 Storeys

Site Area

31,818 sqft

Floor Area

45,854 sqft

Site Coverage

North Setback


East Setback


South Setback

Number of Homes



11 Homes

1 Bedroom

51 Homes
Short-term Bike Stalls

11 Stalls

Long-term Scooter Stalls

20 Stalls

Parking Stalls


Application Process

Step 1

Pre-Design Consultation

March 2023

Step 2

Design Development

September 2023

Step 3

Rezoing/DP Application

November 2023

Step 4

Municipal Staff Review

February 2024

Step 5

Advisory Planning Commission

September 2024

Step 6

Public Hearing

October 2024

Step 7

Bylaw Adoption

Early 2025

Stay Informed

We are committed to being good neighbours and having honest, open dialogues within the communities where we do our work.

We are available to discuss project details with stakeholders through a variety of channels to build trust and shared vision for the project all while maintaining a respectful and open conversation. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where people feel comfortable to share their ideas, hopes and aspirations for the community. Register to learn more about the proposal and stay informed throughout the approval process.