Pearl Block

Six Superior Quality, 3-Bedroom Townhomes on a Challenging Triangular Lot

Award-Winning Infill Development Located
in the Vibrant Oaklands Neighbourhood






Recipient of The Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia Award in Architecture

Pearl Block is a collection of six thoughtfully designed 3-bedroom townhomes that introduce soft density to the established Oaklands neighbourhood.

Situated on a challenging triangular lot that had been vacant for close to 65 years, Pearl Block is the epitome of creative infill development. Designed by D'Arcy Jones Architects, the building's layout is informed by the unique constraints of the lot. The result is attainable architecture—townhomes that challenge the notion of the single family home.

Award-Winning Design

Pearl Block has been recognized at 2021 AFBC Architectural Awards of Excellence:

Design Excellence Award
Multi Residential and Mixed Use Category

Project Team


D'Arcy Jones Architects

RJC Engineers

Biophilia Collective


Victoria offers very little mid-market housing for those who admire modern architecture—and particularly little high quality housing for those who do not have the means to commission a custom home.

That's why we developed Pearl Block; a series of townhomes that sold for less than the average single family home in the neighbourhood, designed with young families in mind. Functional floorplans suit a range of lifestyles, offering ample privacy while adding density to a previously overlooked lot.


The project’s intentionally modest material palette with monochromatic finishes and simple detailing means the residents—and their personal belongings—take centre stage.

Plywood stair stringers are oversized to become wood-grained guardrails that conceal small handprints.

Each home has its own roof deck surrounded by 5ft tall parapets allowing families to maintain their privacy while enjoying summer BBQs or playing with children in the fresh air.

The home's deeply stucco exterior replicates the style of Victoria’s finest turn-of-the-century houses. The side walls also function as the horse blinders, providing unobstructed street views from each house while maintaining privacy for the residents.

Inside, the floorplans turn the main living spaces away from the view of nearby neighbours. Instead, each living area faces the main street, putting more eyes on the public realm.

Functional spaces provide a blank canvas for a variety of hobbies and lifestyles.


Located in the amenity-rich Oaklands neighbourhood, Pearl Block is set among leafy trees and vibrant community activities.

Steps to Hillside Centre, neighbourhood farmers markets, schools and parks and well-serviced transit routes, we picked Oaklands for Pearl Block because we believe a functional and conducive life should be located in a well-connected community.



Design Excellence Award

2021 AFBC Architectural Awards of Excellence

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