Multi-family townhomes forming a ground-oriented small-scale urban village

Located in the established Fairfield Neighbourhood



Collection of Townhomes



Rhodo is a collection of 22 townhomes spanning from 1–4 bedrooms in a residential neighbourhood with room to grow.

Surrounded by beautiful greenspace in Fairfield—one of Victoria’s most coveted residential neighbourhoods—the homes at Rhodo exemplify connection to nature and a sense of place, with close access to the urban core.

Project Team


Shape Architecture

RJC Engineers

Biophilia Collective


Rhodo is the first multi-family offering in the Fairfield Neighborhood in 25 years. Due to the site’s unusual shape, Rhodo consists of three distinct but interrelated buildings with homes that offer ground-level access and semi-private outdoor space.

Compact neighbourhoods help prevent urban sprawl, so when we had the opportunity to take the site—including two single-family homes on three individual parcels—we got to work. We found two families on the San Juan Islands who were interested in the existing dwellings and the homes were relocated.


Rhodo’s housing typology frames and energizes the street and park edges it borders. As opposed to an internal circulation apartment building, the townhouse model increases connections between neighbours and creates a vibrant small-scale village experience.

The innovative design of the townhomes pairs high-quality materials and finishes that reflect the west coast’s natural surroundings with striking design details by award-winning Shape Architecture.

Cedar siding, glass and metal accents create a timeless and cohesive balance with nature, while an intelligent site design maximizes ocean views to the south, and lush park views to the west.


Rhodo’s coveted location is perfectly situated in the established Fairfield/Gonzales neighbourhood, offering close, highly-walkable access to simple necessities and great recreational and outdoor experiences.

From groceries and shopping, to recreational activities like tennis, or just relaxing at Gonzales Beach or Dallas Road, Rhodo’s location means residents are well-positioned to enjoy the best of Victoria—whether by foot, bicycle or car.


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