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Designed by Chris Foyd of BoForm, this custom home elegantly weaves modern and classical design details amongst a mature landscape located in South Oak Bay.

Clad in warm tones of gray stone metal and cedar—and framed by foliage customarily characteristic of the Oak Bay neighbourhood—this bungalow style floor plan of easy and uncomplicated geometric shapes seamlessly blends into its garden backdrop. After multiple reiterations, this family’s “forever space” was completed in 2021.

Project Team

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Surrounded by Nature

A single-story functioning bungalow with benefits—the home features an upper level library, spare bedroom and roof deck enveloped in the surrounding tree canopy.

The essence of minimalism carries throughout the home, with clean, angular lines accentuated in what the homeowner’s call the “spirit and soul of the house”—the breezeway.An essential bit of strategic craftsmanship, and not without its challenges, the breezeway anchors the transition in both interior and exterior spaces, providing a sense of airiness and cohesion.

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Sunlight flows down the stairs from the skylights, bathing the foyer in light—this carries throughout the home, with oversized windows and a pervasive lighting gallery punctuating each space with moments of visual delight.

A European-inspired warm neutral palette invokes a sense of relaxation. Clean lines and extensive storage create a functional space to gather and create memorable moments with family and friends.

Designed with the homeowner’s art collection in mind, each interior space inspires connection with different pieces. Whether it’s the Mary Water’s Dutch portraits of people from the 1600’s or the 1920’s Le Corbusier table and chairs that catch your eye, every design element and artwork has been thoughtfully placed to complement the home’s investment in minimal, crisp lines while sparking connection.

Artistic tastes for simple elegance are further embodied through the home in quality, timeless materials seen throughout—from the stone walkways and patios, to the millwork, hardware, flooring and tile.

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Little House

Pass by the side of the house through the whimsical “Avenue of the Giants” (named for its canopy of large and lush trees) to a space affectionately referred to as the “little house,” tucked away in the back garden.

Set underneath a mature magnolia tree amongst the surrounding foliage—next to the preserved heritage wall, and with minimal ornamentation—it is a structure of visual and physical rest. This design aesthetic carries into the cedar clad garden suite which is home to a wood burning fireplace fondly titled “the squirrel,” which gently calls out to be snuggled up beside. Designed for work, gardening and getting away from it all, the little house furthers the free-flowing dialogue between home and garden found throughout the property.

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Each Aryze home showcases our commitment to superior quality along every step of the construction journey.