Data helps us understand how people in neighbourhoods interact with their built environment. We aim to make as many tools and resources available to help people make data-informed decisions about the city we live in today, and the city we collectively want to cultivate for tomorrow.

Our Neighbourhoods

Each of Victoria’s neighbourhoods have their own distinct personality and housing data. Take a deep dive into a few of our city’s communities to analyze their respective housing, population, density and greenspace trends over the years.

Victoria’s Housing Map

68% of Victoria's residential land is zoned for single-family housing.

This interactive map captures property development data as it relates to housing in Victoria, BC (2011-2018)

Would you like to see more diverse housing types in Victoria?

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If you couldn’t tell by now, we’re passionate about urbanism. Building something just for the sake of building isn’t good enough, which is why our projects are based on data, research and the housing needs of our communities.