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Youth Leadership Labs

Program Overview

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Youth Leadership Labs is a pilot program that will offer youth an opportunity to connect, engage and share their ideas on positive placemaking initiatives in the City of Victoria. Together we will explore how creative thinking around our built environment can promote thriving, resilient communities and enriched natural environments for current and future generations.

Following a series of educational sessions with leaders from across the Capital Region, the participants will bring forward their own ideas to be bolstered and brought to life through collaborative workshops.

In addition to gaining a better understanding of how city planning decisions are made, the Youth Leadership Labs participants will apply some key learnings on a real project—a community park currently being envisioned by Aryze on an underutilized lot in Quadra Village. The final step of this innovative 8-week program is a presentation to community leaders who will provide feedback on the projects’ execution.

Program Benefits

The benefits of youth participation in the Youth Leadership Labs extend beyond the 8-week time frame and include positive impacts on community, such as:

Practical understanding of how citizens of all ages can contribute and advocate for the the sustainably built environments in Victoria.

Development of the placemaking initiative with the current and future generations in mind

Promotion of the collective thinking approach in building thriving,resilient communities with enriched natural environments

Encouragement of an inclusive participation culture in the matters of city planning

Novel approach to meaningful civic engagement with younger generations in the City of Victoria

Awareness of how individual placemaking initiatives can positively contribute to the public realm

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With a wide range of benefits for youth and our city, the pilot series of the Leadership Labs will amplify diverse community voices and showcase how youth engagement can shape the future of our city. The goal is to showcase that despite common beliefs, young adults can provide valuable insight and ideas regarding placemaking throughout our cities.

Although playgrounds are only one component of the urban fabric, the unique lab format can be further expanded and applied on a wider range of community-based projects that will positively contribute to the public realm.

Created with the intention of educating and empowering younger generations, the Youth Leadership Labs is a collaboration between two innovative organizations working towards a sustainable future for all.