At a press conference announcing new housing action plan Luke Mari outlines how these changes can add much needed family friendly housing in neighbourhoods throughout the province.

Apr 28, 20232 min read

B.C. Premier David Eby unveils new action plan to address housing crisis – April 3, 2023

BC Premier David Eby unveils a provincial action plan to address the housing crisis.

“The types of housing we build directly correlates to the types of people that move into our neighbourhoods. So if we want families, we need to build family friendly housing.”

"This action plan represents a meaningful step that will provide relief for the systemic issues that British Columbians have been up against over the last decade,” says Luke Mari, Principal, Aryze Developments and advocate for intentional affordable housing strategies. “Low supply, speculation, and restrictive zoning policies have resulted in fierce competition and limited housing choice, which impacts the social, environmental, and economic prosperity of our Province. Safe, affordable, and diverse housing options—in all neighbourhoods—are foundational to the health of our communities and the planet. Building just for the sake of building isn’t good enough; the name says it all, we need Homes for People."

Policy Highlights

Increased Accessibility

Greater ability for nonprofits to create housing for those who need it most

Family Friendly Housing

Creation of more family friendly housing into existing neighbourhoods

Opportunities for Local Trades

Increased opportunities for small builders and residential trades

What is The Housing Theory of Everything?

A theory that all of our societal outcomes—social, environmental or economic—are really tied to people being housed. We can't have a resilient, successful and vibrant province if people are not in safe and secure housing. Therefore, in order to have a successful province we must support the diversity in our communities by providing diverse housing types.

See Our Tiny Homes Project as an example of some of the diverse housing types Aryze is helping to build.


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