Tiny Homes

30 Transitional Housing Units

Built from Repurposed Shipping Containers

North Park


Community Project



Year Completed


As homebuilders, we have a responsibility to provide diverse housing solutions for all citizens – especially our community’s most vulnerable.

In 2020, Aryze brought forward the idea of Tiny Homes Village as transitional housing solution that would provide 30 temporary homes built from repurposed shipping containers. Together with the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness, we launched a crowdfunding campaign to make this idea a reality.

Project team:


Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness

Our Place Society

D'Ambrosio Architecture + Urbanism

Hey Neighbour

The pandemic has been a challenging time for all of us. But for some, particularly the unhoused—and the soon to be—it has magnified existing stresses.

A housing affordability crisis and a mental health epidemic have been exacerbated by the pandemic and as a result, shelters closed, leaving many without a home, requiring them to live in tent communities in parks throughout Victoria.

In December 2020—together with the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness—we launched an innovative campaign 'Hey Neighbour' to raise the funds required for the construction of Tiny Homes Village in the North Park neighbourhood.

Seeking $500,000 to support the capital expenses required to build 30 tiny homes, we collaborated with a successful videographer from Lot2 Media—B. Joel Cran—who volunteered to film a video in support of the fundraising campaign.

In less than three months, we raised over $500,000 from more than 580 individual donors.


Crowdfunded in less than three months time


Individual donors including local citizens

Tiny Homes

Although portable in nature, Tiny Homes Village is temporarily occupying the 25,670 sqft portion of Royal Athletic Park’s parking lot.

Each of the Tiny Homes has been constructed to the highest standard of comfort.

Local architect D’Ambrosio Architecture donated planning and urban design services for the project and RJC Engineers offered structural engineering and building enclosure services, all to ensure these homes are built to the highest standard of liveability for the residents who have spent the last year living outdoors in inclement West Coast conditions.


940 Caledonia Ave

Project Timeline

6 Months

Number of Homes


Average Home Size

+/– 100 sqft


Bed, Wardrobe, Fridge. Each home is heated, insulated and ventilated for user comfort.

Common Amenities

Washrooms & Shower, Office & Common Space, Storage, Communal Garden, Bike Parking

The site is managed by experienced operations provider Our Place Society, with funding support from BC Housing.

Our Place Society

BC Housing


Thank you to the citizens & small businesses of Victoria. 580+ individual donors, helping us raise over $500,000 in less than three months.

Aryze Developments
Discounted GC Fee, Labour Contributions, Monetary Donation

Capital Iron
Off-Site Construction Staging (for metal fabrication, framing and insulation)

D'Ambrosio Architecture + Urbanism
Planning & Urban Design Services

RJC Engineers
Structural Engineering and Building Enclosure Services

Donn Mann Excavating
Excavating and Backfill

Monetary Donation

Coastal Heat Pumps
Heat Pumps Supply & Install

Houle Electric
Electrical Services

Mike Geric Construction
Monetary Donation

Big Wheel Burger Community Foundation
Monetary Donation

Starlight Developments
Monetary Donation

Dodd's Furniture & Mattress
Mattress Donation

Victoria Shipping Containers
Shipping Container Supply

Biophilia Design Collective

United Engineering
Metal Fabrication

Home Lumber & Building Supply
Building Material Supply

Benjamin Moore
Paint Supply

Broadmead Care Society
Side Tables & Wardrobes

RestWell Sleep Products
Bed Linens

E.H. Price
Exhaust Fans Supply

The Painting Dept.
Painting Services

Knights Insulation
Insulation Materials

Dave Spiers Plumbing & Heating
Plumbing & Gas

S. Laursen & Son Draperies & Blinds
Window Coverings



Graphic FX
Unit Signage

Art & Media

To further integrate Tiny Homes Village in the vibrant North Park neighbourhood, the exterior walls of the community display mural art created by three local artists—Kay Gallivan, Lydia Beauregard and Caitlin McDonagh.

  • Interbeeing is a visual story that illustrates how different beings find and think about their homes. Emphasizing that having a home is an integral part of being alive, the art encourages us to consider our homes as a part of a larger community.

  • Colour palette was devised with the intention of warming up and brightening the original colour of the containers. Coral and golden hues bring out the warmth in the colour, white provides a nice highlight, and muted seafoam and periwinkle rounds it all out.

  • The ideation for interior mural art was developed in collaboration with the Tiny Homes Village residents and will continue the Interbeeing motives, reflecting on what home means to the residents. The art work is set to resume in the new year, as soon as the health situation related to COVID-19 improves.

The filmmakers from Lot2 Media—creators behind the moving crowdfunding video—followed us along on the six-month-long journey from conception to completion, exploring the critical importance of providing housing for all citizens.

Featuring interviews with BC Housing Minister David Eby and Robin Mazumder—an environmental scientist studying the psychological impacts of urban design—the documentary film called “Tiny Town” has already been recognized as the Best Documentary at Toronto Film and Script Awards.


Innovation in Affordability

UDI Awards for Excellence

Aryze Philosophy

We’re an integrated home building, development and urban planning team committed to increasing the quality of homes and communities in Victoria, BC.

Using traditional building methods, innovative construction technologies and intelligent design, we deliver thoughtful living environments to people who will call Aryze homes their own. In our commitment to building healthy resilient communities we realize projects that create a lasting impression and shape our city in a positive way.

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From greenspace and transit corridors, to the public realm and private homes, we’re advocating for a city with a healthy sense of space and place.

From greenspace and transit corridors, to the public realm and private homes, we’re advocating for a city with a healthy sense of space and place.