Celebrating Tiny Homes Village with Bill’s Bag Lunches

This weekend marks one year since residents first moved into Tiny Homes Village—an innovative transitional housing solution in the North Park neighbourhood built from repurposed shipping containers.

May 13, 20223 min read

To celebrate the occasion, Aryze is supporting another great initiative in the form of Bill’s Bag Lunches—a weekly meal program that includes deliveries to the residents of Tiny Homes Village.

I started this bag lunch program with the goal of continuous growth in the number of lunches being delivered,” says Bill Farrant, the founder of Bill’s Bag Lunches. “When I learned about the launch of Tiny Homes Village, I saw the opportunity for a natural progression to expand the program to a new neighbourhood in need, in addition to the Ellice Street Community in Rock Bay.”

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Tiny Homes Village features 30 homes built from repurposed shipping containers that provide safe, warm and secure conditions for its residents.

Together with the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homeless, Our Place and over 580 donors, Aryze crowdfunded and constructed these homes in less than six months time to support some of our community’s most vulnerable. Each of the tiny homes has been constructed to the highest standard of comfort with each unit including its own private entrance, heating, ventilation, bed, bedside table, wardrobe and fridge.

Two meals a day are delivered—one at breakfast and one at dinner—and residents have access to a common area to reheat the food.

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Bill’s Bag Lunches hand-delivers a sandwich, apple, cookie and water each Friday, all funded by local businesses and community members.

Bill’s Bag Lunches is seeking donations to further expand the weekly lunch program while supporting existing operations for the Ellice Street Community in Rock Bay and the Tiny Home Village in North Park. To donate, email
Not only is Tiny Homes Village an innovative temporary housing solution—it highlights what’s possible when we all work together,” says Melanie Ransome, Director of Communications & Engagement at Aryze. “This initiative demonstrates successful collaboration between home builders, local community members and specialized service providers who are eager to support citizens on their pathway to secure long-term housing and stability; Bill’s Bag Lunches symbolizes a continuation of this collaborative community spirit.

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