Collaboration in Placemaking

Jun 14, 20221 min read

Placemaking has been a central component of Tiny Homes Village and its community integration since opening its doors in 2021. What once was an under-utilized parking lot is now a key corridor for cyclists and pedestrians alike with large mural art enlivening either side of the street.

But placemaking is just as important in private spaces, too!

Our final art installation has just wrapped up inside Tiny Homes Village, which features three individual murals that were designed with feedback from the residents themselves.

Meant to thoughtfully juxtapose with the exterior mural art, Kay Gallivan, Lydia Beauregard and Caitlin McDonagh connected with the residents to hear their ideas and learn more about what community means to them.

After doodling together, these are the concepts that came to life!

Mural artists Kay Gallivan, Lydia Beauregard and Caitlin McDonagh outside Tiny Homes Village.