Density Transfer Partnership between Aryze Developments and The Land Conservancy

Mar 1, 20223 min read

Victoria, BC – March 1st, 2022

A collaboration between Aryze Developments and The Land Conservancy of British Columbia (TLC) is seeking to officially protect valued greenspace at Abkhazi Garden in the form of a density transfer; preserving a community amenity while adding much needed multi-family infill housing to a neighbourhood that has room to grow.

The proposal—led by Aryze and designed by Cascadia Architects—will transfer the existing townhouse density rights from the Abkhazi Garden site, located at 1964 Fairfield Road, to their proposed development at 1733-1737 Fairfield Road, 550 meters away.

Of the available 35,000 square feet of density available from the Abkhazi Garden site, Aryze proposes to utilize less than 30% of the density with the balance being released and secured as a financial donation for the non-profit.

This density transfer will officially downzone the entire Abkhazi Garden lands to a zone that maintains the current activities on the site including volunteer gardening, public greenspace access and the rental of the Teahouse to local restaurateurs, while also ensuring that the site receives its official heritage designation.

“For more than two decades TLC volunteers, staff, and partners have joined together to see Abkhazi Garden grow while honouring the legacy of Prince and Princess Abkhazi,” said Cathy Armstrong, TLC Executive Director. “We are pleased that this rezoning and heritage designation will further support our community’s efforts to see this exquisite site protected and accessible for those seeking peace amongst the blossoms.”

The density receiver site, located at 1733 Fairfield Road, is proposed as a sensitive multi-family infill project, steps from Hollywood Park and across the street from Aryze’s own collection of west coast contemporary townhomes known as Rhodo at 1720 Fairfield Road.

The new project at 1733 Fairfield Road is proposed as a mix of townhomes and apartments for those looking to rightsize their living space, allowing residents to stay in their community while making room for new families as well.

“Many members of the Aryze team live in the neighbourhood and our office is located minutes away from both sites,” says Chris Quigley, Director of Development at Aryze. “We are excited to be working with the team at The Land Conservancy to protect a cherished community amenity like the Abkhazi Garden, while addressing the need for more diverse housing options in established communities like Gonzales.”

In February 2000, Abkhazi Garden made headlines as the property was threatened to become a townhome development, but was instead purchased and protected by TLC.

This partnership between Aryze Developments and The Land Conservancy will officially remove any future possibility of developing the Abkhazi Garden greenspace through a density purchase agreement between both parties.