"TinyTown" Premiere

Directed and produced by local filmmakers at Lot2.Media, this award-winning documentary shares the story behind Tiny Homes Village—an innovative transitional housing solution built from repurposed shipping containers.

May 26, 20221 min read

“TinyTown” follows Aryze, the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homeless, Our Place Society and others on a 6-month journey of constructing Tiny Homes Village while exploring the critical importance of providing housing for all citizens.

Featuring interviews with BC Housing Minister David Eby and cognitive neuroscientist Robin Mazumder, Ph.D., the documentary depicts diverse perspectives on the global issue of homelessness. The film thoughtfully balances the historical background with statistical data while also representing the voices of the unhoused community in Victoria.

Directed by

Benjamin Cran

Produced by

Chantelle Mussell, Janet Hanuse, Benjamin Cran with Lot2.Media

Cinematography by

Athan Merrick and Benjamin Cran

Sound by

Matthew Gionet

Music by

Benjamin Cran