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1702 Quadra Street

A Contemporary Infill Development

Integrating Victoria's Past & Present

Hello Neighbour!

We would like to invite
you to a virtual Community Information Session.

Join us on Tuesday
25 October 2022 @ 6:30pm

We invite you to join us for a virtual Community Information Session hosted by the North Park Neighbourhood Association. Here we will be presenting more details on our proposed development at 1702 Quadra Street, gathering community feedback and answering any questions you may have.

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Site Context

The project site is located at the intersection of Quadra Street and Fisgard Street in the North Park neighbourhood, known as The "Abbey Apartments". North Park is a vibrant and diverse up-and-coming community home to approximately 3,400 people and numerous small businesses and restaurants, as well as larger recreational facilities including Royal Athletic Park and the Crystal Pool Centre in Central Park.

Occupying one square kilometre, North Park is one of Victoria’s oldest and smallest residential neighbourhoods and is well recognized for its collection of historic religious landmarks. The “Abbey Apartments” is one of the many multi-family buildings that make up the area's diverse housing stocks  and is a representation of the social and economic transition of the area prior to World War I. They were  part of a surge of development in the city as trade and commerce expanded at a rapid pace.

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Heritage Context

The subject site has a long social history and some architectural significance that is reflected in its angled front corner, tan brick cladding, arched window openings and an interesting stable entrance.

The Hong Yuen Vegetable Co. and Wah Yun & Co Merchants were the early occupants of this space. There were, however, significant improvements to the building in 1942 and the uses have also evolved over time.

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Why Rental?

We believe housing is a human right, and with homeownership increasingly out of step with local incomes, Purpose Built Rental (PBR) housing is the strongest form of tenure and represents a possible—and sometimes beneficial—alternative to homeownership.

Common benefits to rental housing are the lack of maintenance or repair costs, increased access to amenities, no property taxes, more flexibility where you live, predictable monthly payments, and no requirement for a downpayment.

What does the data tell us? Sixty-one percent (61%) of households in Victoria rent their home; of these, almost half (48%) are one-person households.


of households in Victoria rent


of those are one-person households.

What's Next?

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Stay Informed

Please fill out your information to receive project updates for our proposed development at 1702 Quadra Street.

This includes invitations to future community information sessions and notifications on key milestones throughout the process. We’re available to discuss development details with you through a variety of channels, with the goal of building trust and establishing a shared vision for the project, all while maintaining respectful and transparent communication.


Aryze Philosophy

Aryze is an integrated home building, development and urban planning team focused on innovation across a full spectrum of housing types.

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