Project Albero

A Community Urbanism Project

Rethinking our Identity as a Harbour City

In July 2020 we unveiled a covert mission called Project Albero—a floating swim dock with a Japanese Katsura tree anchored just off Banfield Park in the Gorge waterway.


Project Albero was inspired by beautiful urban cities with working harbours (like Copenhagen and Aarhus) that are lined with people swimming on hot summer days.

It struck us that in Victoria we have all the bones for this lifestyle, but our public realm is disconnected from its potential for harbour recreation.

20200715_AryzeDock_0573.jpg20200715_AryzeDock_0573.jpg loading placeholder


In partnership with D’Ambrosio Architecture + Urbanism and Biophilia Collective, we envisioned the floating tree.

Designed to draw citizens to the water through urban planning, we took point A (the shore) and built point B (the dock) and people began to naturally connect and congregate between the two.

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Constructed by Aryze

The dock was built under the leadership of our very own Andrew Chapman. Fabrication took place at Point Hope Shipyard, with yard space and crane capacity generously supplied by RALMAX.

And that tree? It’s a Japanese Katsura. Chosen by Biophilia because it is saltwater tolerant, gorgeous, and in the fall its leaves smell like brown sugar. If we take care of it, it can grow to be 30ft tall.

20200715_AryzeDock_0535 (2).jpg20200715_AryzeDock_0535 (2).jpg loading placeholder

What's Next?

From greenspace and transit corridors, to the public realm and private homes, we’re advocating for a city with a healthy sense of space and place.

We strive to contribute to the built environment in a meaningful way. This means creating a lasting impression on the cities, neighbourhoods and homes in which we build.

Keep an eye out for future placemaking projects, or contact us if you have an idea of your own to share!