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An Iconic Architectural Landmark

A centre of activity, creativity and innovation in the heart of Victoria’s downtown and Inner Harbour.

Located at 767 Douglas Street, TELUS Ocean will seize on a rare opportunity to create a new centre of gravity, where the historic meets the emergent.

TELUS Ocean will become the major new business and innovation centre that will significantly contribute to Victoria’s economic strength, culture and social vitality while alleviating pressure for additional downtown office space.


The ocean is said to symbolize an open, unknown market; free from competition, and an optimistic outlook on the future. A rich ecosystem essential to life, with currents circulating the entire globe—the ocean reminds us that we are All Connected for Good.

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As the future home of the TELUS Victoria team, TELUS Ocean will celebrate design excellence and leading edge sustainability practices, creating a natural sense of gravity that draws future investment, new business, people, and collaboration.

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Project Benefits

Victoria is quickly emerging as a future-ready global hub for technology and innovation. TELUS Ocean represents a vital step in realizing the City’s 'Victoria 3.0' vision of building a new local high-value economy that will meet the needs of today and anticipate those of tomorrow.

Creates high-value jobs in the tech and innovation sectors.

Contributes to a stronger, more resilient economy.

Creates new vibrant, inviting, and productive public space.

Offers sustainable office space in the central business district.

Brings life to an existing vehicle parking lot in a prominent downtown location.

Complement the surrounding community with world-class, iconic architecture.

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We are committed to creating an atmosphere where people feel comfortable to share their ideas, hopes and aspirations for the community. We invite you to visit TELUS Ocean website to learn more about the project and opportunities to get involved.

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