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1693 Fort

Contemporary Collection of Attainable Rental Homes

In the Heart of South Jubillee Neighbourhood

1693 Fort Street is envisioned as 34 purpose-built rental apartments situated above a ground floor commercial space with a common rooftop patio for future residents to enjoy.

With the favourable location in the amenity-rich South Jubilee neighbourhood, the proposed development supports a range of transportation options promoting a car-lite lifestyle.

Our proposed development at 1693 Fort Street has been thoughtfully designed with leasing and community in mind.

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Project at a Glance

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1693 Fort is located on the western border of the Jubilee Large Urban Village and near the Stadacona Large Urban Village, in an urban residential area.

The South Jubilee area includes a diverse mix of commercial and residential uses. Located in close proximity to a variety of restaurants, shops, job centres and health services, the proposed development will provide a 15 minute city lifestyle for future residents. Nearby Jubilee Village offers a wide range of retail, commercial businesses and health services.

Neighbouring the site is a mix of multi-family residential buildings, characterized by an informal relationship to Fort Street. The mix includes range of building styles, composed mainly of stucco and painted wood cladding, with some brick accents.

Community Benefits

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Rental housing near amenities and jobs

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Streetscape improvements near a busy intersection including the addition of rain gardens

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Rooftop green spaces to benefit resident and neighbouring views

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Programmed rooftop patio to provide a neighbourly experience for tenants

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Commercial Retail Unit to enhance the pedestrian experience

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Modo car on site and memberships for residents to decrease traffic and the need for car ownership

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Retaining cherry tree and increasing number of trees throughout the site

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10% of the homes units will be designated as “Median Income Units”. In Victoria, Median Income is currently set at $55,000. This is a maximum household income level.

Design Inspiration

The building expression is both contemporary and dignified. The main palette of the building is light toned and neutral, comprised of light and medium grey metal and textured cementitious panels, charcoal window frames and architectural concrete.

The building materials have been selected to be durable, finely textured and of a subtle colouration, so that the building will compliment rather than compete with the surrounding mix of building styles.

Like an Open Bookcase

While the materials palette is restrained, the expression of the building has a
subtle playfulness, which took inspiration from a bookcase.

The façades at levels two through five are designed so that each storey reads as a horizontal ‘shelf’. Vertically proportioned bedroom windows are arrayed on these ‘shelves’ in a randomized pattern; these elements are set within a field of textured profiled metal panels conceived as the paper edges of a book, turned backwards on the shelf. These patterned lengths are bracketed by the living room window bays, which project out from the main façade and tie the storeys visually together. One feature bay extends out at an angle, marking the main building entrance below on Fort Street.

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1693 Fort Street offers wide range of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) offerings such as:

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Minimized Disruption

Parking entrance located on Belcher Street to minimize traffic impacts on Fort Street.
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Modo Memberships

Modo memberships for each residential unit for the term of their tenancy, effective for the lifetime of the building.
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Bicycle Accessibility

Significant bicycle parking, along with ebike charging capabilities.
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Car Share

One car share vehicle in coordination with Modo to serve building tenants and the wider community.
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Electric Charging Station

Roughed in electric vehicle charging stations to meet future demand.
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BC Transit EcoPasses

EcoPasses provided for all residential units, as well as the commercial unit, to promote transit as a low-cost alternative mode of transportation.

What's Next?

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Learn More

We're committed to being good neighbours and having an open, honest dialogue in the communities where we do our work.

As our proposal moves through various phases of the development process, we aim to keep community members informed in order to build trust and establish a shared vision for the project.

If you would like to be included on project updates for our proposed development at 1693 Fort, please fill out this form.

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