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An Iconic Architectural Landmark

A centre of activity, creativity and innovation in the heart of Victoria’s downtown and Inner Harbour.

Located at 767 Douglas Street, TELUS Ocean will seize on a rare opportunity to create a new centre of gravity, where the historic meets the emergent.

TELUS Ocean will become the major new business and innovation centre that will significantly contribute to Victoria’s economic strength, culture and social vitality while alleviating pressure for additional downtown office space.

Following extensive community engagement and feedback, TELUS Ocean has been approved. For more information throughout the construction process, please visit

With a strong vision for what our city can be, Aryze combined world-class iconic architecture from Diamond Schmitt Architects with a local development and community-building perspective to establish Victoria as a leader in technology, sustainability and innovation.

Future Potential

Victoria is quickly emerging as a future-ready global hub for technology and innovation. TELUS Ocean represents a vital step in realizing the City’s 'Victoria 3.0' vision of building a new local high-value economy that will meet the needs of today and anticipate those of tomorrow.

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A Stronger, More Resilient Economy

$197M uplift in spending by increasing expenditures in the BC economy; meaning an economic gain of $1.56 for every $1 spent
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Vibrant, Inviting and Productive Public Spaces

Pedestrian-priority design with sculptural seating, lush plantings and a ‘tidal pool’ water feature
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Job Creation

Up to 2,000 new jobs across construction, tech and innovation sectors with ample opportunities for new grads to stay in their community
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World-Class Iconic Architecture

A landmark that celebrates design excellence and leading-edge sustainability practices
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Sustainable Office Space for the Future

A high-performance building that will achieve the highest standard available for office buildings

Thank you to everyone who supported us throughout the process, provided feedback on the design and participated in realizing the TELUS Ocean vision for Victoria.

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'Progress is impossible without change.' - George Bernard Shaw

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