Meet Aryze: Olivia Wheater

Olivia started working at Aryze as a Development Coordinator and quickly grew to her current role as a Development Manager, overseeing urban infill projects like 548 Toronto, 520 Normandy and many more.

Jun 27, 20223 min read

Olivia Wheater

Development Manager

Olivia joined our team less than two years ago, and since then she's been involved with many innovative projects across the full spectrum of developments—including TELUS Ocean, Tiny Homes Village and many others in between. She expertly navigates through various stages of municipal approvals and brings some of our most creative infill developments to life.

Curious to learn more about Olivia and our development team? Watch the full interview or read through our Q+A session below.

How long have you been with Aryze? What interested you most about the team?

I started in January 2021. I first was intrigued by their approach to housing—not only is there objective data behind every project proving its necessity—but the proposals are being driven by our core value: that housing is a basic human right.

How did you get started in the Real Estate Development industry?

I wanted a career that was people-focused because I enjoy building relationships. I knew I couldn't be doing the same thing every day, so a friend in the industry recommended I look into Development and I never looked back.

What does a typical day look like for a Development Manager? Does it change at various stages of the development process?

Every day is different, that's why I enjoy the role. With a portfolio of projects in various stages from feasibility to construction, my day can start in the office and end on-site. When I'm in the office, I am often connecting with various consultants to resolve drawing coordination issues, design revisions based on community or city feedback or working in my project proformas. My workday can involve site visits to review design specific issues and meet with our engineers and Construction team who ensure our projects are built to a high standard. It's very engaging.

Seven - A collection of 3 Bedroom+Den Townhomes in West Fairfield

520 Normandy - 68 energy efficient purpose-built rental homes

956 Heywood - A collection of contemporary parkside townhomes

1805 Feltham - A purpose-built rental development proposed in Gordon Head

Which projects do you like more, purpose-built rental developments or market housing (projects that are built for sale)?

I like them both, and they both serve a purpose in the housing spectrum! PBEs can be fun as we get creative with financing options, but often have more stakeholders when it comes to decision making. Market buildings are great as we can be creative with materials and form, but can be more challenging through the approval process.

"Last year, Olivia stepped up in big way to tackle hard projects and take on a huge workload. She's really growing into a confident lead!"

What do you like most about infill development?

How subtle the finished product truly is. Rotunda is a great example of a building that fits into the street and neighbourhood with ease but achieves the goal of increasing housing. Seven at 931 McClure will have a similar effect.

Could you share some advice for others who are interested in joining the team?

If you value company culture and want to work in an environment that is truly people first, work second, without compromised output, then it's a no brainer. And you get cool swag too.

Curious to learn more about Aryze?

Read our blog, browse through job openings and some of our favourite projects right here.

Curious to learn more about Aryze?

Read our blog, browse through job openings and some of our favourite projects right here.